Every Side Quest You Can Do in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Abu Taher Tamim
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Side quests are one of the essential aspects of RPG games like Dragon’s Dogma 2. Let’s take a look at all the side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a vast, immersive, open-world action RPG that not only offers an epic main storyline but also a plethora of side quests. Side quests are missions that you can undertake outside the main story. They are enjoyable, and exciting, and provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich lore present in the game.

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Having played this game for a while now, I’ve completed many side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. In this guide, I’ll mention all the side quests that I have found in the game so far, ensuring that you don’t miss any quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

All Side Quests in Different Location in Dragon's Dogma 2
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List of All Side Quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here are all the side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

Side Quest NameLocationHow to Unlock/NotesRewards
Claw Them Into ShapeNorthern VermundSpeak with Beren1200 XP, 4500 G
Beren’s Final LessonNorthern VermundSpeak with Beren after previous quest1600 XP, 4500 G, Lifetaker
Ordeals of a New RecruitBorderwatch OutpostSpeak with Phill400 XP, 100 G, Lantern Oil
The Provisioner’s PlightBorderwatch OutpostSpeak with Geoffrey400 XP, 900 G, Dried Fruit
Nesting TroublesMelveSpeak with Lennart400 XP, 1250 G, Stoutness Extract
Medicament PredicamentMelveSpeak with Flora500 XP, 100 G, Ring of Exultation
Readvent of CalamityMelveVisit Melve2000 XP, 4500 G, Ring of Grit
Vocation FrustrationVernworthSpeak with Klaus1200 XP, 7500 G, Warrior/Sorcerer Vocs
The Heel of HistoryVernworthSpeak with Kendrick900 XP, 3000 G, Panacea
Every Rose Has Its ThornsVernworthSpeak with Wilhelmina1200 XP, 8500 G, Ring, Romance
The Ornate BoxVernworthSpeak with Sven900 XP, 4000 G, Courtly Gear
The Arisen’s ShadowVernworthVisit Vernworth1000 XP, 4000 G
A Beggar’s TaleVernworthSpeak with Benton900 XP, Varied Rewards
Oxcart CourierVernworthSpeak with Donovan300 XP, 5000 G, Miner’s Hosen
A Place to Call HomeVernworthSpeak with Mildred500 XP, Private Dwelling
House of the Blue SunbrightVernworthSpeak with Diana900 XP, 3000 G, Fine Roborants
Saint of the SlumsVernworthSpeak with Elena1600 XP, 11000 G
The Gift of GivingVernworthSpeak with Daphne900 XP, 100 G, Golden Beetle
A Case of Sculptor’s BlockVernworthSpeak with Klark4500 XP, 14000 G
Gift of the BowVernworthSpeak with Glyndwr1600 XP, 8500 G, Ring of Proximity
Scaly InvadersHarve VillageSpeak with Fyoran1800 XP, 5000 G, Saurian Scales
Hunt for the Jadeite OrbCheckpoint Rest TownSpeak with Offulve & Everard2000 XP, 15000 G, Ring, Camping Kit
Prey for the PackCheckpoint Rest TownSpeak with Morris4000 XP, 11000 G, Miracle Roborants
The Sotted SageAgamen Volcanic IslandSpeak with Lamond980 XP, 500 G, Rotten Egg, Warfarer Voc, Tome
Shadowed PrayersBakbattahlAvailable when reaching
A Poisonous ProposalBakbattahlAvailable when reaching
Dulled Steel, Cold ForgeBakbattahlUnlocks after main Vernworth quests
Steeled Resolve, Blazing ForgeBakbattahlFollows after Dulled Steel quest
Put a Spring in Thy StepAgamen Volcanic IslandSpeak with someone
The Nameless VillageVernworthSpeak with Captain Brant1200 XP, 7500 G, Dragon’s Gaze
Home is Where the Hearth IsMelveAfter Readvent & An Unsettling Encounter
Trouble on the CapeHarve VillageAvailable during Readvent of Calamity
Tolled to RestAncient BattlegroundAvailable when entering area
A Game of WitsMountain ShrineSpeak with Sphinx when finding it
Masked CorrespondenceVernworthWhile in area, likely after The Ornate Box6000 G, Onyx
Short-Sighted AmbitionBakbattahlAvailable when reaching
The Phantom OxcartVernworthAfter Nation of the Lambent Flame
Tensions on the HighroadVernworthAfter Nation of the Lambent Flame
A Magisterial AmenityVernworthTalk to DoireannWinter’s Path Book
The Ailing ArborheartSacred ArborSpeak with DoireannWarbler Capelet, 13,000 G
Out Of The Forest, Into The ForgeBakbattahlReport to DoireannWarbler Capelet, 13,000 G
A Candle In The StormVolcanic Island CampFind Manella25,000 G, Ring Of Amplification
All Side Quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There you have it. They are all the side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If I find any new side quest in the game, I will add it here.

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