Every Egg Type in Palworld And Where To Find Them

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is every egg type in Palworld and their locations to find each one of them.

Pocket Pair has released Palworld and the game has taken the gaming world by storm already. Millions of players are swarming the servers to build their own world with their favorite Pals. The game is based on Pals, so gathering them remains the main objective of the game. 

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One way to get Pals in Palworld is by hatching eggs. However, to hatch eggs, players must collect them first. There are nine types of Pals in the game right now, with each one having a specific type of egg for themselves. Finding these eggs can be a hectic job if you do not know where to look for them. In this guide, we will show you all the egg types in Palworld and how to find them. 

All Palworld Egg Types And Locations

Common Egg

  • Common type of eggs in Palworld can be found all over the map
  • Search in rocky and hilly regions, particularly on cliffs
  • Possible Pals from these eggs include Direhowl, Eikthydeer, Grintale, Galeclaw, Lunaris, Melpaka, Nitewing, etc.

Damp Egg

  • These eggs only hatch water-type Pals.
  • They are commonly found around water bodies like rivers.
  • Most of the rivers in Palworld are situated along hills.
  • Check these hills carefully to find Damp Eggs in the middle.
  • Damp Eggs can spawn the following Pals: Celery, Pengullet, Peking, Surfent, Suzaka Aqua, etc.

Dark Egg

  • Dark eggs only hatch dark-type Pals.
  • Dark Pals are valuable for combat, making obtaining a Dark egg a bonus.
  • Finding Dark eggs can be challenging, but they are more common around the Investigator’s Fork area.
  • Dark eggs can spawn various Pals, such as Daedream, Felbat, Mau, Nox, Tombat, etc.

Dragon Egg

  • Dragon eggs hatch dragon-type Pals.
  • Abundant around Mount Obsidian.
  • Only one size.
  • Can spawn dragon-type Pals like Relaxaurus, Azurobe, Quivern, Astegon, etc.

Electric Egg

  • Electric eggs are easily found and available in almost every area across the map.
  • They exclusively spawn Electric Pals such as Sparkit, Jolthog, Univolt, Rayhound, Dazzi, Beakon, etc.

Frozen Egg

  • Frozen eggs are rare and challenging to obtain in Palworld.
  • They are typically found in the cold biomes of the game.
  • During the beginner stage, traveling and surviving in cold regions can be difficult due to limited cold resistance.
  • As you progress in the game, you will have more opportunities to find these eggs in cold regions.
  • Frozen eggs can hatch various Pals such as Peking, Mau, Swee, Foxcicle, Reindrix, Sibelyx, etc.

Rocky Egg

Palworld Rocky Egg
pocket pair
  • Rocky eggs can produce Ground Pals in Palworld.
  • These eggs can be found abundant in the desert biomes, but reaching these areas might be a difficult task.
  • The Rocky eggs can spawn the following Pals: Fuddler, Hangyu, Dumud, Digtoise, Anubis, etc.

Scorching Egg

  • Scorching eggs produce Fire Pals and can be found all around the map.
  • No specific locations to look for these eggs, but they are more commonly found in hilly regions and cliffs.
  • Possible Pals from these eggs include Rooby, Gobfin, Arsox, Pyrin, Flambelle, Bushi, Ragnahawk, Blazehowl, Suzaku, Faleris, etc.

Verdant Egg

Palworld Verdant Egg
pocket pair
  • Verdant eggs produce grass-type Pals.
  • The location of their spawn is still unknown, but many players have reported finding them in the Verdant Brooke area.
  • These eggs will spawn the following Pals: Tanzee, Flopie, Bristle, Caprity, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, Petallia, Lyleen, etc.

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