Epic Games Responds to Player Report Saying Teaming is A Valid Tactic

A Players reported teamers in his game and in return got a response from Epic Games Support saying teaming was a valid tactic.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where 100 players drop off from the battle bus and fight. The last person alive is the one who is declared the winner. Fortnite has different game modes like solo, Duos, and Squads. Solo players are on their own and they have to fight each other.

What is considered teaming?

Teaming is a term that means helping an enemy teammate. When two people who are supposed to kill each other team up with another player and work together to kill other solo players, that’s called teaming.

Teaming is a serious offence that is frowned upon. Even Epic Games has hard policies against it.

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A Player Reported Teamers and Got This Weird Response

A Player named Pcavx apparently reported teamers in his match to Epic games. Epic Games Supports replied to his email with this weird response. They said in their response that although teaming might be very powerful and inconvenient for players, it is still a valid tactic. Pcavx was stunned after getting this reply.

Epic Employee Responds

An Epic Employee apparently responded to this Reddit thread. He had this to say, “We’re reaching out to our player support team to correct this. Working together with anyone that’s not in your team isn’t allowed.”

So by this response, we can assume that there was some kind of miscommunication between Epic games and Epic Games support. it is probably going to be sorted out pretty soon by them.

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