Elden Ring: All Shadow of The Erdtree Map Fragment Locations

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Let’s explore all the map fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree. I have included the locations to help you find them easily.

In the new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, you have to explore the mysterious Realm of Shadow. If you’ve played Elden Ring before, you know navigating new lands can become a nightmare. Therefore, you need a map, and to have the map, you need to collect map fragments. Here are the locations for all map fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree.

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Map Fragment Locations

1. Gravesite Plain Map Fragment

Location: Northeast of the Shadow Realm entrance

Nearest Landmark: Scorched Ruins

Difficulty: Easy

Gravesite Plain Map Fragment
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Detailed Directions:

  1. Once you enter the Shadow Realm, head northeast along the main road.
  2. You will see gravestones scattered across the landscape.
  3. The map fragment is located on a stone stele just before reaching the Scorched Ruins.
  4. But you need to be cautious of Curseblade Ascetics.

Pro Tip: This is the easiest fragment to obtain and should be your first priority after entering the DLC area.

2. Scadu Altus Map Fragment

Location: Northeast of Highroad Cross in Scadu Altus

Nearest Landmark: Messmer Soldier Camp

Difficulty: Medium

Scadu Altus Map Fragment
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Detailed Directions:

  1. There are two ways to reach Scadu Altus:
    • Through Castle Ensis (more challenging):
      • Defeat the boss Rellana in the Castle-Lord’s Chamber.
      • Exit through the main gate and follow the northern road towards The Shadow Keep.
    • Bypass Castle Ensis (easier, but longer):
      • From Castle Front Site of Grace, head southeast to Fort of Reprimand.
      • You need to use the Spiritsprings near the fort to access Scadu Altus.
  2. Once in Scadu Altus, follow the main road north.
  3. The map fragment is on a stele just before reaching a Messmer Soldier camp.

Pro Tip: If you’re struggling with the Castle Ensis boss, the bypass route offers a safer, but longer, path to the fragment.

3. Southern Shore Map Fragment

Location: Cerulean Coast, southwest region

Nearest Landmark: Cerulean Coast Cross Site of Grace

Difficulty: Hard

Southern Shore Map Fragment
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Detailed Directions:

  1. Start at the Castle Front Site of Grace in Gravesite Plain.
  2. Head southeast, following the path around Castle Ensis.
  3. Descend the cliffs carefully, using stone outcroppings as platforms.
  4. Navigate through the poison swamp and enter the cave behind a giant poisonous flower.
  5. Follow the Ellac River, using Torrent to jump between rock ledges.
  6. Continue south past the Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace.
  7. Avoid the patrolling Furnace Golem and enter the Cerulean Coast through a stone arch.
  8. Head south past the Ghostflame Dragon.
  9. The map fragment is on a stele just ahead.

Pro Tip: Stock up on poison cures and bring ranged weapons to deal with enemies in the swamp area.

4. Ancient Ruins of Rauh Map Fragment

Location: Rauh Base, northwest region

Nearest Landmark: Temple Town Ruins

Difficulty: Medium

Ancient Ruins of Rauh Map Fragment
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Detailed Directions:

  1. From the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace in Scadu Altus, travel northeast.
  2. Look for a pond with large glowing worms and enter the nearby cave.
  3. Navigate through the Perfumer-filled cave and exit to the north.
  4. Head northwest, following the waterway past Gravebirds.
  5. Enter the large rock opening to reach Rauh Base.
  6. Continue southwest, avoiding the giant crossbow-wielding enemies.
  7. The map fragment is on a monument outside a group of ruins.

Pro Tip: The Rauh area is split into upper and lower levels. This fragment is on the lower level, which is easier to access early on.

5. Abyssal Woods Map Fragment

Location: Southeast of Forsaken Graveyard in Abyssal Woods

Nearest Landmark: Abandoned Church

Difficulty: Very Hard

Abyssal Woods Map Fragment
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Detailed Directions:

  1. Enter The Shadow Keep in Scadu Altus and progress to the grand staircase.
  2. Find a hidden pathway behind a wall near a red painting.
  3. Use the stone coffin to travel to the lower Scadu Altus region.
  4. Navigate down the cliffs and waterfalls to reach the Darklight Catacombs entrance.
  5. Complete the Darklight Catacombs, defeating Jori, Elder Inquisitor, at the end.
  6. Enter the Abyssal Woods and head southeast along the path.
  7. Defeat or avoid the Madding Hand invader.
  8. The map fragment is on a monolith outside the church ruins.

Pro Tip: Stock up on Clarifying Boluses before entering Abyssal Woods, as many enemies inflict Madness.

Map Fragments Location In a nutshell

Map FragmentLocationNearest Landmark
Gravesite PlainNortheast of the Shadow Realm entranceScorched Ruins
Scadu AltusNortheast of Highroad Cross in Scadu AltusMessmer Soldier Camp
Southern ShoreCerulean Coast, southwest regionCerulean Coast Cross Site of Grace
Ancient Ruins of RauhRauh Base, northwest regionTemple Town Ruins
Abyssal WoodsSoutheast of Forsaken Graveyard in Abyssal WoodsAbandoned Church
All Map Fragments Location in Shadow of the Erdtree

Why Map Fragments Matter

If you are new to the game, then you need to know why map fragments matter:

  1. Navigation: They reveal the layout of each region, making exploration easier.
  2. Point of Interest Discovery: You can see landmarks which help you find key locations.
  3. Quest Progression: Some quests may require you to visit specific areas, which are easier to find with a complete map.
  4. Resource Planning: If you know the terrain, then it will help in planning routes for efficient farming and exploration.

That’s all. Now, you should be able to collect all five map fragments in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

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