DUMMIEs big day made it obvious how Apex Legends is different from other BRs

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Apex Legends

Dummies’ Big Day, the newest LTM of Apex Legends, has been received really well. This new LTM made it obvious to the players how Apex Legend differs from other battle royale games.

The current event of Apex Legends Grand Soirée has seven different LTM’s. Some of them were highly anticipated, like Kings Canyon after dark. Others were not received that well. The most surprising hit out of all of them is Dummies Big Day. Before this mode was, live gamers had no idea what this mode was like.

Dummie’s Ability

In this game mode, you can play against other dummies as dummies your selves. While many people predicted that this game mode must be a PvE experience, it turned out to be a totally different mode. You can use your tactical as dummies, spawning armor, meds, or bullets.

There is also a passive ability, but its effect on gameplay isn’t clear. The ultimate ability of these dummies is to summon dynamic clones of themselves to create a diversion. This ability is kind of similar to Mirage’s ultimate. There is also a twist cause there are more variants to the ultimate abilities like Emergency Area Heal and Emergency Loot Piñata.

Looks like Respawn has made some interesting additions to Dummie’s big day. These abilities foreshadow future Legends’ abilities. Respawn is kind of teasing everybody with this new mode.

No Voice Line

What really impacted the game mode was that there was no voice line from the Legends, as they were just dummies. This made it obvious how the Legends’ voice lines define Apex Legends. Before Apex, there was no other BR that did this.

We took this quality of life improvement for granted. And now, when we play this LTM, it makes us realize how much effect voice lines from each legend give crucial info to us. And the pinging system made it stand apart from other BRs.

Playing this mode has made fans even more appreciate the core gameplay of Apex Legends. They made a huge impact on how to make player interaction more effortless.

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