Dr Disrespect is Discontent with the Heroes vs. Villains Event in Warzone Season 5

Dr Disrespect is unhappy with the Heroes vs. Villains event in Warzone. He quickly criticized the event and threw shade at the devs.

Call of Duty: Warzone is approaching its end days with the launch of Warzone season 5. It is the last season for Vanguard and Warzone ahead of MW2’s release. Raven Software has introduced many new changes and content to push the game for one last time.

As a part of the farewell to Warzone, Raven Software has added a few new game modes, with Heroes vs. Villains being a significant one. Players can play as Heroes or Villains and, along the way, earn tokens. They can later utilize the tokens to get better rewards.

However, in a recent stream, Dr Disrespect seemed annoyed by it. He mainly expressed his discontent with the game mode and its token system.

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Dr Disrespect Dislikes the New Game Mode

Dr Disrespect had quit Warzone a few months back. However, he made a short comeback to the game with the launch of Season 5. Unfortunately, the problem began as soon as he hopped in a Heroes vs. Villains match.

Upon opening a crate, he was greeted by the tokens. He quickly stated how lackluster the game mode felt. Furthermore, he questioned the devs and higher-ups about how the game mode even passed the boardroom. His frustration was visible as he was confused about the total development of the event in-game.

The Doc has been unimpressed with almost every past move the game has managed to take under Raven Software’s helm. Furthermore, as a CoD partner, his criticism shows the game’s problematic current condition. The clip where he stated his disapproval of the game mode has now been deleted.

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