Dr Connor’s Antidote Puzzle Solution: Spider-Man 2

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If you are looking for Dr Connor’s Antidote Puzzle Solution, this guide is here to help.

Spider-Man 2 has been released with an amazing storyline to give the players the best experience while they play as their iconic superhero Spider-Man. Set in the city of New York, Spiderman is not only tasked with taking down villains and completing the main quest but also faces a variety of engaging activities and challenges.

One such challenge is the antidote puzzle, which comes into play when seeking a cure for the troubled Dr. Connor. This puzzle requires players to navigate a molecule structure, identifying and safely eliminating seven corrupted atoms while ensuring the antidote remains intact. This guide will look into the solution for Dr. Connors’ Antidote Puzzle in Spider-Man 2 with a step-by-step walkthrough to help players tackle this challenging task.

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Dr Connor’s Antidote Puzzle Solution

To solve the puzzle, eliminate the corrupted atoms that are linked with several other types of atoms.The corrupted atoms, marked in pink and mainly located on the bottom left side, are the ones you need to eliminate. You will have to destroy these atoms one by one, starting with the second atom from the start.

While solving this puzzle and destroying the corrupted atoms, you will encounter a few complex, structured molecules connected with the neutral atoms. Destroying these neutral atoms will also result in destroying the corrupted atoms linked to them. However, they might also cause the antidote, which is marked in green, to be destroyed as well. The initial puzzles will be easier to solve, and the puzzles will keep getting harder as you progress. You will be able to rotate the molecule to examine the linking and carefully analyze which atom to destroy.

Once you have destroyed all the corrupted atoms from the antidote, you can then deliver it back to Dr. Connor and successfully complete the mission.

Antidote Puzzle Solution Steps

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