Dr. Connors Rescue Guide (Good Men): Spider-Man 2

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Here is how to rescue Dr. Connors in Good Men mission of Spiderman 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 just dropped with an amazing storyline, giving us a different outlook on the lives of our favorite heroes and personalities. The game has also significantly improved its action sequences, making it undoubtedly the best Spider-Man game to date. Alongside the impressive open-world features, the game also has a different array of missions, which assign you to a lot of quests to finish the entire storyline.

As part of the 17th mission of the main storyline, you will take on the roles of Peter and MJ to embark on a mission to rescue Dr. Connors. Dr. Connors will get abducted by the hunters, which will lead Peter, Harry, and MHJ to work together to find the lost doctor. The entire mission is really nicely set and would take around 30–40 minutes to finish. In this guide, we will give you an entire walkthrough of the Good Men mission and also show you how to rescue Dr. Connors in Spiderman 2.

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Rescue Dr. Connors in the mission, Good Men

At the start of the mission, Good Men, you will see a cutscene of MJ and Peter talking to each other about the whereabouts of Dr. Connors when MJ suddenly gets cut off from Peter in the middle of their conversation. After going to a place behind the truck of enemies, you will now take on the role of MJ to defeat the guard. Now, make your way towards the zoo. On the left side of the main gate, you will find a broken window leading to a room inside the zoo.

Silently vault through the door and perform a stealth takedown on the hunter in front of you. The whole process will be shown to you through a tutorial. Now, examine and investigate the computer in front of you. You will find out that the evils are trying to reactivate Connor’s reptile genes. Afterward, take the path to the left of the computer and keep going forward. Soon, you will hear the conversation of three hunters inside a room.

Aim Distraction Spiderman 2
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Squeeze through the caged gate on the right side of the door to the room. Squeeze through the outer gate as well, and you will reach the outer area inside the zoo. Here, you will find another hunter. Follow the tutorial process to perform Aim Distraction on the hunter and sneak past him to the other side. After getting past the board, you will find a broken caged gate.

Now, head towards the roof. While getting past a wooden board, it will break down and land you on a floor beneath you, thus starting a combat sequence against the hunter. Keep following the tutorial and successfully take down the hunter. After defeating him, keep heading deeper into the territory till you find a group of hunters again.

Vulture's Wings Spiderman 2
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In this case, as well, distract them and defeat the hunters following the instructions of the tutorial. Using your stun gun, take down both of them silently. In this place, you will find another giant gate that will stay closed. However, on the left side of it, you will find a broken wall. Get through the broken wall to reach the room inside. Surprisingly, you will find Vulture’s wings at a table inside this room and a recording alongside it.

From this room, make your way towards the right until you see Connors’ phone ringing. You can pick up the call; however, it won’t make any difference. But you will finally find Connors locked inside a cage in the outer area of the zoo. You will also learn that you need to retrieve some keys and codes to unlock Connors’ cage and shackles in order to rescue him. This will start the main portion of the mission to rescue Dr. Connors in Spiderman 2.

Dr. Connors Caged Spiderman 2
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After the cutscene ends, make your way through the path leading to your right. Squeeze through a gate, vault through some steps, and squeeze through another caged gate until you finally come across three hunters. Repeat the same process to distract the hunters and take them down one by one. Or, you can also sneak past them and make your way through the cave on your right.

Keep progressing inside, and the objective marker will soon take you to a computer room. While checking the computer, you will be attacked by Vika, a captain between the hunters. You will also hear the voice of someone going by the call name Mongoose. Now, look at a board on the side of the wall to find out the names of the hunters. On the table in front of the board, you will find a list of the call names of the hunters.

Dr. Connors Shackle Codes Spiderman 2
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Now, get towards the radio beside Vika’s body and try to communicate with the other hunters. The communication between you and Mongoose will be shown through a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, go to your right, and you will find a covered whiteboard. Uncover the board to reveal the codes for the enclosure.

It is now time to get the key to unlock the cage in which Dr. Connors is locked in. A path towards the right of the whiteboard will lead you outside the room. After getting down a layer, go to your right, and you will find another hunter here. Take him down as well, and keep progressing straight. At this point, a new objective marker will be unlocked on your screen. Keep moving towards the objective marker. You can either sneak behind the hunters in your path or take them down.

Dr. Connors Cage Keys Spiderman 2
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The new objective marker will lead you to a new room where a hunter will have the keys to Connors’ cage. Sneak past the other guards in the room and focus on the main one. Take him down with your stun gun and obtain the keys from his pocket. Get out of the room immediately by sneaking past all of the hunters. Even if you get noticed by them, make sure to defeat each one of them and make your way towards the cage.

While going towards the cage, you will probably encounter loads of hunters together, which might make it almost impossible for you to sneak past every one of them. However, in our case, we targeted which ones to attack very carefully, which made the whole journey towards the cage easier.

Keep following the quest marker, and you will soon make your way to Dr. Connors’ cage. This will initiate a cut scene where MJ will start unlocking Connors’ shackles. Unfortunately, in the middle of the situation, the boss of the place, Kraven, shows up and injects Connors with a green substance. Right after this scene, Harry and Peter enter the place. After the cutscene ends, you will now take the role of Peter and work to escort Dr. Connors to his lab to find the antidote serum.

Fight against the enemies, and meanwhile, keep making your way toward the laboratory. After reaching the lab, the fighting will end at some point and begin a new cutscene. Dr. Connors gets his hands on the antidote, but Kraven enters the scene and snatches it away from her. Soon, Dr. Connors turns into a lizard, making the situation worse for both the spidermen.

Spiderman 2 Peter's Death
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In the midst of everything, Peter tries to attack Kraven, but the leader inserts a dagger inside the belly of Peter which leaves him wounded fatally. Here, you will again switch to MJ and help wounded Peter move to a safer location while Harry keeps beating Kraven for what he has done. After going a few feet forward, Peter gets down on the ground and passes away.

However, the story again takes a turn when Harry’s symbiote completely transfers to Peter’s body and consequently revives him. Peter now gets new Symbiote abilities, including the iconic Symbiote Punch of Spider-Man 2. After defeating all the hunters, the mission will finally end with a brief cutscene.

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