Dopa believes Xin Zhao and Top lane Lee Sin will take over the meta in season 11

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Xin Zhao and Lee Sin Top might soon take over the League of Legends meta in Season 11, Dopa predicts.

Ever since season 11 started, there has already been multiple meta in League of Legends. From the “overpowered” tank meta to Moonstone Renewer meta, most of them had a great impact in both the soloq and pro games. The most recent’s “who has the fastest” jungle meta have also ruined the Summoner’s Rift.

Riot however did nerf most of them and recently gave massive nerfs to Hecarim, Udyr, and Turbo Chemtank. As the patch is now already live, LoL players might have to look for other “broken” items/champions once again.

Now, to predict what will the next meta, League of Legends’ one of the best soloq players Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil has shared some of his thoughts.

“The characters that I am keeping an eye on are Xin Zhao and Lee Sin,” Dopa said. “Not jungle Lee sin but laner Lee Sin.”

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“No matter how I look at it, his skill set seems to be a laner now. Especially top, from how I see it, Top Lee Sin is going to be up soon. People are gonna play it a while and realize that Lee Sin is no longer a Jungle but a Lane,” Dopa’s final thoughts on the next meta in League of Legends. (Thanks Reddit user u/woohyuckl for the translation)

Xin Zhao Top and Jungle

Xin Zhao recently received a mini-rework on patch 11.6, where he now has a new W->E combo. Moreover, he also received some major balance update that should make him relevant in the current meta as well.

Currently, he has a 6.5% pick rate in the jungle while having a 49.93% win rate. This might not look like anything significant but compare to his previous pick rate of 1.2% on patch 11.5, the new changes actually having a great impact.

In Korean soloq, players are already playing him in the Top lane with the new Essence Reaver and Immortal Shieldbow build. And it is now only a matter of time since Xin Zhao Top becomes a meta as his pick rate is continuously increasing.

Based on Dopa’s prediction and the stats, players should definitely keep an eye on Xin Zhao for both the jungle and top lane.

Lee Sin Top

Lee Sin is widely popular in the jungle and no matter how many times Riot decides to change him, he always manages to have a massive pick rate in the soloq.

However, Dopa believes, not jungle Lee Sin, but the top lane or even the mid lane Lee Sin might soon take over the soloq.

Lee Sin is generally known for his early game. And based on stats, he should be able to beat meta top lane champions like Camille, Wukong, Darius, and Urgot in the early game to become relevant. Moreover, his W sustain is also very good to survive in the solo lane.

However, one con of this Lee Sin top is, he falls behind way harder in the late game compared to other meta top laners. But with the Goredrinker build, there’s a chance that Lee Sin can be a great pick in the top lane.

Furthermore, even pro players like TheShy have also started to pick Lee Sin in the Top lane. So, soloq players should definitely keep an eye on him as well.

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