Disney Dreamlight Valley: Best Ways to Get Moonstones

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Gameloft

Moonstones are one of the most important currencies or purchasing mediums in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will show you the ways to get it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game in which you can experience the game’s life simulation elements. You can select a character from Pixar or another Disney franchise in the game. Different NPCs want to be your friend and all. Players have to gather resources, and sometimes they have to purchase them through Star Coins, Dreamlight, and sometimes with also Moonstones.

Moonstone is another type of currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley. With it, you can buy various kinds of Cosmetics for your character’s customizations. In addition, you can purchase beautiful, customizable items in the game with the Moonstones.

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Best Ways to Get Moonstones

To get Moonstones, you may follow the ways below:

Explore and Explore

You can explore the valley and visit different regions on the map. Sometimes, while exploring, you will find treasure boxes containing Moonstones. Search these boxes when you see them; you can get lucky if you find these Moonstones! Of course, this method is a bit time-consuming. But it sure helps.


There are different values of the Founder’s Pack. In these packages, you can buy Moonstones. But also remember that these packages unlock with real-world money. That means you will have to purchase in real life to use in the game.

Some of the offers are;

  • Small Moonstone Pack (1,200 Moonstones): $4.99
  • Regular Moonstone Pack (2,500 Moonstones): $9.99
  • Big Moonstone Pack (5,500 Moonstones): $19.99
  • Huge Moonstone Pack (14,500 Moonstones): $49.99
  • Enormous Moonstone Pack (30,000 Moonstones): $99.99
  • Tiny Moonstone Pack (200 Moonstones): $0.99

Star Path

There is another way to get Moonstones, which is by unlocking Star Path. You can unlock customizable items by unlocking Star Path. To unlock it, you will have to spend 2500 Moonstones. You can purchase this amount of Moonstones with the Founder’s Pack. And after that, use it to unlock Star Path.

After you unlock it, you will have some new tasks and quests to complete. Completing each task will have you rewarded with 500 or fewer Moonstones. And also, you will get many customizable items with rewards.

In these ways, you can get Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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