Dinkum: How To Catch Fish

Catching fish in a game! Doesn’t that sound awesome? Dinkum is a game where you can experience all the outdoor gaming feelings in this game. So keep reading this article to learn how to catch fish in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a very good-quality console game where you can roleplay. You can explore and visit Australian nature, desserts, forests like Eucalyptus ones, and much more! Players can build their own houses and farms and must survive throughout the game to save their town. Moreover, you can also catch fish in Dinkum.

For fishing, you will need some proper guidance, and players need a license and fishing equipment in the game to do any outdoor experience like fishing or mining. Moreover, some systematic steps will be helpful for you to score more.

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How To Catch Fish In Dinkum

To catch Fish in Dinkum, you may follow the steps below:

Fishing Equipment

The first thing you need to fish is the fishing equipment to catch any fish in Dinkum. The fishing equipment is Fishing Rod which you will need mainly.

Talk: Fletch

You will need 255 Permit Points to get the Fishing License, and after that, you will get the Fishing Rod. You can earn that many Permit Points by mining, clearing forest bugs, or any good task.

After you earn the 255 Permit points, you may talk to Fletch, an NPC, and ask her to give you the Fishing License. She will provide you with that.

Earn More Dinks

Dinks are money-like items used to purchase other items and resources in Dinkum. You may earn more Dinks as you need them to buy the Fishing Rod after getting the license.

You can earn more Dinks by selling items on the island. Also, remember that 1260 Dinks to buy the Fishing Rod.

Talk: John

Dinkum: How To Catch Fish

After you earn the amount of Dinks, talk to another NPC named John, who will visit the island. He will sell different items; buy the Fishing Rod from him.

How To Do Fishing

Dinkum: How To Catch Fish

After getting the Fishing Rod, players need to know how to do good fishing in Dinkum.

To do so, you must:

  1. Find a river.
  2. Launch the reel as far as possible.
  3. Stay patient. Pull the reel whenever you see a fish swash around the water.
  4. Keep your fishing bar as high as possible to catch it smoothly and pull the reel at a slow pace.

And voila! You finally caught a fish in Dinkum. Congratulations!

This is the complete systematic way to catch fish in Dinkum. Best of Luck!!

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