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Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Here is a complete list of all Digimon in Digimon Survive.

If you are someone who has been following Digimon since the saga began in 1999. We have good news for you as a new Digimon game is out now. Bandai Namco invites you to play its new game for Digimon, where a bunch of school kids gets transported into another dimension.

Inside the post-apocalyptic type world, players will meet all kinds of Digimon. Not only will you be able to befriend them, but you will be able to evolve them into their ultimate form. In fact, if you are wondering how many Digimon are inside the game. Below we have made a complete list of all Digimon inside Digimon Survive.

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All Digimon in Digimon Survive

Even though there are around 113 Digimon inside Digimon Survive, you will not be able to befriend all of them. Although, encountering a Digimon and making it your friend is challenging. There is a trick to getting the trust of a Digimon. Each Digimon is different, so you will have to choose the dialogues based on their personality when you talk with them. So make sure you understand the behavior of a Digimon before answering their questions or dialogues in the game.

This game brings back the original Digimon-like Agumon from the Original series, which came out in 1999. It also includes monsters from the latest generation, giving you a huge list of Digimon to discover and battle against.

All Digimon
Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Check out the complete list of all Digimon in Digimon Survive below:

Stage One Digimon

  • Agumon
  • Betamon
  • Draculmon
  • Falcomon
  • Floramon
  • Gabumon
  • Gazimon
  • Gomamon
  • Gottsumon
  • Guilmon
  • Kunemon
  • Labramon
  • Lopmon
  • Palmon
  • Patamon
  • Piyomon
  • Renamon
  • Shakomon
  • Tentomon

Stage Two Digimon

  • Angemon
  • Birdramon
  • Cyclomon
  • Deltamon
  • Diatrymon
  • Dobermon
  • Dokugumon
  • Fangmon
  • Flymon
  • Garurumon
  • Greymon
  • Growmon
  • Guardromon
  • Ikkakumon
  • Kabuterimon
  • Kiwimon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Kyubimon
  • Leomon
  • Meramon
  • Numemon
  • Sangloupmon
  • Seadramon
  • Shellmon
  • Siesamon
  • Tailmon
  • Togemon
  • Tyranomon
  • Turuiemon
  • Tuskmon
  • Vegimon
  • Wendimon

Perfect Digimon

  • Andiramon
  • Andromon
  • Angewomon
  • Archnemon
  • Altur Kabuterimon
  • Blossomon
  • Blue Meramon
  • Cerberumon
  • Delumon
  • Etemon
  • Garudamon
  • Gigadramon
  • Holy Angemon
  • Jewelbeemon
  • Lilimon
  • Marin Devimon
  • Megadramon
  • Megalo Growmon
  • Mega Seadramon
  • Mermaimon
  • Metal Greymon
  • Monzaemon
  • Okuwamon
  • Panjyamon
  • Skull Greymon
  • Taomon
  • Triceramon
  • Vamdemon
  • Were Garurumon
  • Yatagaramon
  • Zudomon

Ultimate Digimon

  • Anubimon
  • Baihumon
  • Bancho Stingmon
  • Beelzebumon
  • Ceresmon
  • Ceresmon Medium
  • Cherubimon
  • Dinorexmon
  • Dukemon
  • Gran Kuwagamon
  • Herakle Kabuterimon
  • Holydramon
  • Hououmon
  • Huanglongmon
  • Marin Angemon
  • Metal Garurumon
  • Metal Seadramon
  • Mugendramon
  • Piemon
  • Pinochimon
  • Plesiomon
  • Plutomon
  • Qinglongmon
  • Rosemon
  • Saber Leomon
  • Sakuyamon
  • Sakuyamon: Miko Mode
  • Seraphimon
  • Spinomon
  • War Greymon
  • Valdurmon
  • Voltobautamon
  • Xuanwumon
  • Zhuqiaomon

Super Ultimate Digimon

  • Omegamon

Unobtainable Digimon

  • Koromon
  • Bakemon
  • Huanglongmon
  • Jijimon

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