Did Riot Tease A New Game Mode For League of Legends?

Are we getting a new game mode in League of Legends? Let us find out.

Game Modes, commonly known as Maps, are a vital part of any online multiplayer game. League of Legends, being an online game, had its fair share of new game modes. These include ARAM, Twisted Treeline, URF, One For All, etc. Out of all these game modes, only ARAM remained as a permanent game mode.

These game modes or Maps are a fun addition to the usual gameplay loop. People usually play these game modes with friends and relax a little and, in the end, have some fun. Additionally, these modes are very popular among players, especially casual League players. But Riot, over the past few years, has refused to add additional game modes into the game, and fans are very angry about it.

Recently, Riot released a video announcing the Winterblessed skin line. In the video, they showcased a new winter-themed map. Not surprisingly, many players thought it was a new game mode, but it turns out that it was the new ARAM rework.

Future New Game Modes?

Will we be getting new game modes in the future? Well, it’s pretty hard to say.

One of the most popular games in recent times was the Nexus Blitz game mode. It was a fast-paced game mode with a smaller map and faster EXP gain. The players loved it. But after only a few years, Riot shelved the game mode, and the players were outraged.

Riot’s reasoning was that it had significantly less engagement than URF/One For All/Ultimate Spellbook. Additionally, it had a high cost to maintain. Thus they scrapped it.

But Riot recently showed some interest in bringing Nexus Blitz back. About adding new game modes, well, we won’t be getting any anytime soon, but we can hope that Riot does so in the future.

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