Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Season Pass, Free Rewards, Silver Bundle & More

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Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep will introduce many new cosmetic items and gears through the Season Pass and bundles.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play live service title. Players don’t need to spend money to play and enjoy Destiny 2. However, Bungie releases new cosmetic items, expansions, gears, and more that can only be purchased using real-life money.

Having additional gear, XP boosts, and other in-game stuff always gives players some extra benefits, even though you can choose not to pay for them. And the only way to acquire them is by purchasing them.

With every seasonal release, Bungie releases Season Pass and a Silver Bundle, which include gears, cosmetic items, XP rewards, and more. Similarly, in Season of the Deep, Bungie brought back a new Season Pass and a Silver Bundle with many exciting surprises.

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Season of the Deep Season Pass

Get the Season Pass and instantly unlock the new Exotic Auto Rifle. Also, get XP boosts that speed up Seasonal ranks and reward track unlocks. Unfortunately, players without the Season Pass won’t be able to enjoy the seasonal story, activities, artifacts, and mods.

Here are the ultimate Season Pass rewards for Season of the Deep:

Centrifuse: Exotic Auto Rifle

Centrifuse: Exotic Auto Rifle
Credit: bungie

Add the catalyst and rank-100 ornament to Centrifuse as you throw caution to the wind and let the thunder roll.

Universal Ornaments for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan Class

Universal Ornaments for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan Class
credit: bungie

From the vacuum of space to the depths of the ocean, no amount of pressure can stop this style.

Enhanced Progression

Enhanced Progression
credit: bungie

Over 100 rewards, including XP boosts, Exotic engrams, upgrade materials, cosmetics and more.

Season of the Deep Free Rewards

Players will only get access to a limited number of gear and armor from the Season of the Deep. Nonetheless, Bungie will give free rewards to the players who progress through the seasonal levels from 1-100. However, the rewards won’t be as exciting as the Season Pass rewards.

Here are some of the notable free seasonal rewards in Season of the Deep:

  • Targeted Reduction: Legendary Hand Cannon (Level 20)
  • Thin Precipice: Legendary Sword (Level 30)
  • Centrifuse: Exotic Auto RIfle (Level 35)
  • Exotic Cipher (Level 55)
  • Deepsight Hermonizer (Level 57)
  • Exotic Engram (Level 65)
  • Deepsight Hermonizer (Level 77)
  • Deepsight Hermonizer (Level 93)

Season of the Deep Silver Bundle

Season of the Deep Silver Bundle
credit: bungie

Purchase the Season of the Deep Silver Bundle and receive a new Legendary emote along with 1,700 Silver which you can use to purchase Seasons, cosmetics, and more! Visit the Seasons tab in-game to use your Silver and buy Season of the Deep. To unlock your new emote, speak with Master Rahool in the Tower.

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