Destiny 2: How To Increase Your Gunsmith Rank

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By Annanda Islam
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Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

Are you looking for an efficient way to increase your Gunsmith Rank? Then, you are in luck, as here we will talk about how to swiftly increase your Gunsmith Rank in “Season of the Haunted.”

Since the release of Destiny 2, Bungie has constantly been adding new content through new DLCs or Seasonal updates. Along with new seasons, they introduce some new activities that are closely linked with in-game Vendors. Therefore, players need to Rank up with these Vendors in order to get access to these activities.

Similarly, players must upgrade their rank with Banshee-44 to level up their Gunsmith Rank. Additionally, players can play through gunsmith bounty missions and dismantle gears to gain Gunsmith points to level up their ranks. Like other vendors, Banshee-44 handles the gunsmith ranks and their respective tasks.

What is Gunsmith Rank in Destiny 2?

Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

Gunsmith rank is associated with Banshee-44, or known as the gunsmith. By increasing your ranks with the gunsmith, you can obtain valuable materials and good weapons. Similar to the other vendors, you can also reset your rank with the gunsmith for extra rewards.

Gunsmith’s ranking system is the same as other factions like Vanguard, Crucible, And Gambit. You will need a certain amount of points to rank up with the gunsmith. In addition, as players upgrade their rank, they will gain access to Gunsmith specific weapons and equipment. Increasing the gunsmith rank also allows players to earn ornaments, emblems, and weaponry.

Rank Name Total Points Required Next Rank Requirements
Guardian I0 – 4950
Guardian II50 – 12475
Guardian III125 – 249125
Brave I250 – 499250
Brave II500 – 949450
Brave III950 – 1549600
Heroic I1550 – 1924375
Heroic II1925 – 2524600
Heroic III2525 – 3349825
Fabled I3350 – 3874525
Fabled II3875 – 4649775
Fabled III4650 – 56991050
Mythic I5700 – 6449750
Mythic II6450 – 75241075
Mythic III7525 – 89991475
Legend9000 – 10000Maxed
All Gunsmith Ranks Points Requirements.

How to Increase Your Gunsmith Rank

Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

There are a total of Sixteen Gunsmith Ranks in Destiny 2. Players must earn a certain amount of Gunsmith points to ascend to the next rank. After reaching the next rank, players can visit Banshee-44 to receive the Gunsmith rank-up rewards.

There are a total of two ways to obtain gunsmith points in Destiny 2. Gunsmith bounties will reward you with gunsmith exp and other gears. You can also earn gunsmith rank-up points by dismantling your weapons and armors.


Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

Gunsmith bounties are accessible from Banshee 44. Completing these bounties will reward you with 15 Gunsmith rank-up points with the other bounty rewards. Like other bounties in Destiny 2, these bounties also require you to kill certain enemies with a specific weapon or damage type. You can pick up multiple bounties at a time and complete them as you play through your mission.

Dismantling Gears

Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

Dismantling gears to increase your gunsmith ranks is not a good idea. You will get little to no gunsmith points while dismantling your gears for gunsmith rank-up points, but it is an option nonetheless. While you can get three gunsmith points by dismantling your Exotics and legendary gears, you will only get one point when dismantling the rare gears.

Rewards for Increasing Gunsmith Rank

Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

After reaching a certain rank or leveling up your rank, the gunsmith will reward you with some valuable gears and weapon enchantment materials. You will also get a legendary engram when leveling up your gunsmith rank. Simply interact with Banshee-44 to receive your rewards after leveling up your gunsmith rank.

RankingRank LevelRank Name Rewards NameAfter Reset
1Rank upInitiateLegendary EngramLegendary Engram
2Division Rank upGuardian IPrime EngramNull
3Rank 4Brave I2 Enhancement Cores2 Enhancement Cores
4Rank 7Heroic I2 Upgrade Modules2 Upgrade Modules
5Rank 10Fabled I2 Enhancement Cores2 Enhancement Cores
6Rank 13Mythic I2 Upgrade Modules2 Upgrade Modules
7Rank 16Legend1 Ascendant Alloy1 Ascendant Alloy
8Rank 16 CompletedMaxed1 Ascendant Shard & Gunsmith Rank reset1 Exotic Engram
All Gunsmith Ranks Rewards

Easiest ways to increase your Gunsmith Rank Fast

Image Source: Bungie / Gunsmith Rank

While there are only two options available to earn points for your gunsmith ranks, Completing Gunsmith Bounties is the most efficient. The reason is that Dismantling gears offer fewer gunsmith points than the bounties. That being said, you can also farm gears while completing these bounties and dismantle them for extra points to boost your rank further.

If you complete all four gunsmith bounties from three characters, you will get 180 points each day. After dismantling your extra gears, If you can get up to 200 points each day, it will take roughly 50 days to reach the max rank. This makes it one of the slowest factions to level up and one of the hardest to reset rank.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new to help you with your Gunsmith rank. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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