Destiny 2: How to Earn Ascendant Shards

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In the Destiny 2 universe, Ascendant Shards are a highly sought-after currency since players need them to Masterwork their armor and purchase Exotics from the Tower’s Exotic Kiosk. Here we’ll guide new players as well as veterans on how to obtain them in 2023.

Destiny 2 is an action MMO with a single evolving world that you and your friends can join anytime, anywhere. Players can dive into the world of Destiny 2 to explore the mysteries of the solar system and experience responsive first-person shooter combat. They can also unlock powerful elemental abilities and collect unique gear to customize their character’s looks.

Master working gear is crucial for making the perfect build in Destiny 2. Unsurprisingly, getting your hands on some exotics can feel pretty amazing. But as we all know, everything comes with a cost, and collecting the master working armor or Exotics can be incredibly challenging. Players need to farm Ascendant Shards to masterwork armor and purchase some exotics. If you are not aware already, Ascendant Shards are extremely rare and very hard to come by.

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Ascendant Shards are only farmable through completing Pinnacle activities. Players can also get some Ascendant Shards from the in-game vendors. You can also complete Europa’s one of the hardest triumphs to get hands-on with some of the most exquisite currency in Destiny 2. Now, we will explain how to get Ascendant Shards in Destiny 2 Witch Queen DLC.

How To Obtain Ascendant Shards

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Since Ascendant Shards are the rarest masterwork item in Destiny 2, it is pretty hard to come by. Players need to do some tidies activities to get hands-on with some of this masterwork currency. You obtain Ascendant Shards from the following:

Rahool And Ada-1

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Players can purchase Ascendant Shards from Rahool or Ada-1 in the Tower. You need 10 Enhancement Prisms, 100 planetary materials, and 50,000 Glimmer. Like other items from Rahool and Ada1, the planetary material they request is random and changes daily.

Note: You can Purchase 1 Ascendant Shard per Purchase.

Nightfall Completions

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Nightfall: The Ordeal has Ascendant Shards drop chance upon completion. And Master Nightfalls runs have a 33% drop chance for a Platinum completion. In terms of Grand-Master Nightfalls runs, they have a 100% drop chance for a Platinum completion.

Unsurprisingly, Grand-Master Nightfall is way harder than Master Nightfall. On top of that, the Grand-Master Nightfall has additional contest modifiers.

Augmented Obsession Triumph

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After completing Europa’s Augmented Obsession Triumph, Variks will reward you with one Ascendant Shard. And you can only get one Ascendant Shard Per account. It means you can’t get 3 for each character. So you need to collect all eight Augment Triumphs to complete the Augmented Obsession Triumph.

Since you can only buy a limited amount of Braytech Transponders from Variks, you can only complete one time each week. So it would be best to wait for certain Eclipsed Zones before you can destroy certain sets of drones.

Trials Of Osiris

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You will get an Ascendant Shard from the Lighthouse chest if you go flawless the first time of the week in the Trials of Osiris. After going flawless for the first time of the week, you will only get an enchantment prism instead of Ascendant Shard.

Going Flawless in Trials of Osiris requires seven consecutive wins in the game type. If you lose one time, the flawless attempt will reset, and you will need to start over. You can also obtain an Ascendant Shard by winning a Trials game with a seven-win Passage.

Since there is no limit, You can get unlimited Ascendant Shards from this method. Wining Trials Of Osiris is the PVP alternative to Master and Grand Master Nightfall.

Resetting Vendors rank

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You Can Get an Ascendant Shard By Reseting these Vendor’s Ranks Mentioned below:

  • Zavala: Strikes and Nightfalls
  • Shaxx: Crucible (PvP)
  • Drifter: Gambit
  • Banshee-44: Gunsmith
  • Saint-14: Trials of Osiris

After Reaching a rank of 10000 with these vendors, you can reset your rank in exchange for an Ascendant Shard. Remember that you can only reset one time per season with each vendor. Resets in the same season will grant an Exotic Engram instead.

Season Pass

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The season pass is the paid way in Destiny 2 for collecting Ascendant Shards. You can get only three Ascendant Shards per season if you have the season pass. For example, reaching ranks 80, 85, and 94 will reward you with one Ascendant Shard each.

Best Way to Farm Ascendant Shard in Destiny 2

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As of now, Grandmaster Nightfalls is the best method for farming ascendant shards in Destiny 2. Every time players clear the platinum Grandmaster Nightfalls, they are guaranteed to get one Ascendant Shard with the chance of a second one. Players can clear a Grandmaster Nightfalls ground with a good team in about 15 mins, and from this method, they will be able to obtain approximately four Ascendant Shards per hour.

Even though it is still pretty low compared to other materials, it is still a reasonable pace for Ascendant Shards. We will highly recommend that you wait for the double loot week. The Destiny 2’s pop-up notification wall will notify any Upcoming Double loot week. Keep your eyes peeled on that, and you should be able to obtain Eight to Ten Ascendant Shards per hour, which is pretty good compared to other methods.

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