Destiny 2: Best Exotics For Warlocks in 2023

Are you tired of constantly searching for the perfect exotics for Warlocks? If you are a Warlock main looking for the best exotic, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the best exotics for the Warlock Class in the current meta.

Destiny 2 is a constantly evolving multiplayer online game where you can play with your friends at any time from anywhere. You can unlock powerful elemental abilities and collect unique gear to customize your Guardian’s look and playstyle while delving into the rich lore of Destiny 2. Expect challenging co-op missions and a variety of PvP modes to keep you occupied while Bungie comes up with new content drops.

Even though Destiny 2 is a free-to-play MMO, Bungie releases Expansion packs in the form of Downloadable content. And with these DLCs, they also release new gears and weapons with different tiers. Exotic gear is the highest tier of them all, but you should keep in mind exotic gears are extremely hard to come by.

As there are so many exotics to choose from, sometimes even the veterans get confused about what they should choose to optimize their playstyle in the current meta. And If you are a Warlock main and looking for the best gears for them. Then you are in luck; In this guide, we will go through some of the best exotics for the Warlocks and how to obtain them without any hitch. Hopefully, you will be able to decide which is the best gear for you.

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Best Warlock Exotics

Warlocks weaponize the mysteries of the universe to sustain themselves and destroy their foes. Additionally, they can rain devastation on the battlefield and clear hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye. They can also place Healing Rift and Damage Rift, which heal you and your allies and boost their damage. So naturally, as a Warlock main, you should choose something that can help you with your Rifts up time and also help your allies at the same time.

There are four armor types in Destiny 2, and you can modify each piece individually. While there are some sets of armor in the game that can only be beneficial with the full set. If you really want to customize your ability, individual armor is the way to go, and these are:

  • Helmet
  • Gauntlets
  • Chest Armor
  • Leg Armor

Verity’s Brow (Helmet)

Image source: Bungie

Verity’s Brow is one of the best helmets for warlocks in Destiny 2. It has one of the best exotics perks in the game called “The Fourth Magic.” With this exotic perk, any weapon’s final blows grant Death Throes if your weapon has the same energy type as your subclass, which provides a grenade damage bonus and grants you grenade energy. When you have Death Throes and throw a grenade, nearby allies gain greatly decreased grenade cooldown time for a short duration. This is really great for helping your allies with their grenade uptime.

How to get:

You can get the Verity’s Brow from the Warlock Commander Zavala by completing the Warmind campaign. There is no other way to get this exotic helmet.

Contraverse Hold (Gauntlets)

Image source: Bungie

Contraverse Hold is the best exotic currently available for the void Warlocks. Chaotic Exchanger allows you to Resist incoming damage while charging your Void Grenade. In addition to that, Charged Void grenades return grenade energy on a hit. In contrast, While Charging a Grenade: Chaotic Exchanger grants 20% Damage Resist. And also, Grenade Hits grant Chaotic Exchange, which can grant you an additional 1000% Base Grenade regeneration rate for 1.75 seconds. Additionally, Charged Vortex Grenade can proc twice if enemies get hit by the initial explosion and the last few ticks.

How to get:

There are only two ways to get your hands on this Armor, as you can not get this from an exotic quest or any other mission. Instead, you have to buy this exotic from Xur when it’s available, or you can focus on your exotic engrams to get this exotic gauntlet.

Phoenix Protocol (Chest Armor)

Image source: Bungie

Phoenix Protocol is a really great chest armor for the Warlock class. Battle-Hearth returns your Super energy if you kill or assist while standing inside your Well of Radiance. Kills while inside a Well of Radiance return Super Energy, up to 50% and 10% Super Energy per Kill. Although Each Kill grants 1.5% less than the previous, you can get a Minimum of 4% Super Energy. This exotic is really great for your super uptime, making it all the more valuable for some of the extreme PvE content in the game.

How to get:

Similar to the gauntlet, this chest armor is also unobtainable through any exotic quests or missions. So either you have to buy it from the Xur, or you have to open exotic engrams and hope that you get lucky.

Transversive Steps (Leg Armor)

Image source: Bungie

Transversive Steps is arguably one of the best leg armor for the Warlock in Both PvP and PvE. Strange Protractor greatly increases your sprint speed. In addition, after a short time of sprinting, your currently equipped weapon reloads automatically, which is really great for dodging enemy fire and reloading your weapon simultaneously. Additionally, this leg armor also increases your Sprint Speed by 6.25% and Slide Distance by 33%. And one of the great things about this perk is it is unaffected by any kind of slows ability.

How to get:

You can get the Transversive Steps from various sources. First of all, It is an exotic drop from some of the endgame activities like Nightfalls. You can also buy it from the Xur when it is available in his stock. Lastly, you can get this exotic leg armor by focusing on exotics engrams.

These are the best Warlock exotic currently available in the game, as there are so many exotics available in Destiny 2. You can choose any exotics you want. As long as you are enjoying the armor perks and it works really well with your playstyle, then you are good to go. We hope this guide was helpful and you have learned something new. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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