Designer for League of Legends Gets Banned In-Game For Feeding

An official designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, Riot Phlox, got banned for feeding in League of Legends.

League of Legends is known to be a very toxic game. It is filled with players with disruptive behaviors. Some of these disruptive behaviors include griefers, trolls, feeders, etc. And facing these types of players regularly not only gets annoying but also exhausting at the same time. Therefore, Riot Games have been working hard to combat these toxic players.

One of the common types of disruptive behaviors is feeding. Feeding is dying multiple times by the same opponent or multiple players on the opposing team. Furthermore, it is disadvantageous to the feeder’s team, as the enemy team gets countless XP and gold just by farming that feeder.

If the player is having a bad day and fed in one game, then the auto ban does not trigger, as everyone could have a bad game. But if the player feeds in every match countless times, even typing in the chat he is feeding, he will get banned. Usually, the offender will receive a 14-days ban.

Moreover, not only are the players unsafe from the ban hammer, but it seems that Riot Games staff are also not safe from the ban hammer as well. Recently, Riot Phlox, a designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, got banned from League of Legends.

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Riot Phlox Banned In League of Legends

As stated before, Riot Phlox is the designer on the Summoner’s Rift team. He is one of the people who are responsible for balancing this game. In addition, he is one of the lead developers who worked on the jungle changes for preseason 2023.

Even though he might be a developer for League of Legends, it doesn’t mean he is the master of all champions in the game. Recently he has been testing out Ryze in his regular matches. But unfortunately, he is horrible at this champion. Moreover, Ryze currently has the lowest win rate in the game, with a 45%. Even though Ryze got buffed in patch 12.19, it wasn’t enough to increase his win rate slightly.

For his matches, with his last 13 matches of Ryze, he died a total of 183 times. However, he did not have a single kill in many of these matches. Instead, he had over ten deaths.

For people who are asking if it was Riot Phlox, the Ryze user’s ingame name was RiotPhlox. However, regular players cannot write “Riot” in their usernames. This confirms that it was indeed Riot Phlox.

And for his ban, he received a 14 days ban. Moreover, he also got his honors penalized.

One thing to note is that the developer’s skill does not determine their expertise in the game. Many people in Riot Games are in bronze rank in their respective games. And hopefully, we get a proper Ryze buff because of this incident, as he is pitiful to play with in solo queue.

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