Dead Island 2: Where To Find Cable Van Trunk & Key

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The Cable Van Trunk key is one of the many keys you will need to find in Dead Island 2. A few conditions need to be met before you can get the key. So here is how you can get the cable van trunk key.

Dead Island 2 takes the zombie-slaying adventure to California. In this game, you will choose one of six preset characters and explore the area while making your way to killing zombies. The game has many quests that need a key to open something else to progress. So finding keys are a big part of the game.

The Cable Van trunk key is one of the keys that need certain conditions to be fulfilled for it to spawn. In this case, you will have to progress the main quest to a certain level. Then you will be able to find a named zombie and get the keys from him. Here is detailed information on how you can get the keys in the game.

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Cable Van Trunk & Key Location in Dead Space 2

To get the cable van trunk key, you will need to progress through the story until you reach Halperin Hotel in Beverly Hills. After that, you will need to return to the Goat Pen Villa area as the van is near there. Once you locate the Van, wait till it’s night. The zombie that drops the key for the van only spawns at night.

At night, go straight down Alpine Drive until you see a named zombie called The Cable Guy. He is easy to spot because of the electricity coming out of his body. You need to take him out but make sure not to get hit by the electricity. It will do a lot of damage to your character. Once defeated, he will drop the Cable Van Trunk Key. Take the key and open the van to claim your prize.

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