Dead Island 2: Best Ways to Farm XP Farm

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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XPs are vital as they help you quickly level up in Dead Island 2. This guide will show you the best ways to farm XP in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is the latest Zombie infused game where you can play with your chosen character and kill Zombies solo or with your friends. Dead Island 2 is an action and role-playing game; there will be many quests and missions with loads of thrill when you enter.

Players will get powerful weapons as they level up and upgrade, and also you will have to gather resources, gears, and other items to fight better. In Dead Island 2, there will be Traders who can help you earn Cash fast, and also you can get other valuable items in return.

Other than Cash, XP (Experience Points) are also important to level up quickly in Dead Island 2. Each level has a different thrill. And leveling up quickly will help you progress in the game faster than ever. There are a few ways to farm XP in Dead Island 2, which is pretty easy.

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Best Ways to Farm XP Farm

There are some unique ways to farm XP in Dead Island 2, which are down below:

Complete Missions

If you complete the missions and side quests properly, you will get a huge amount of XP from time to time in Dead Island 2. This is a long process, but on the way, you will be able to earn enough XPs to level up quickly.

Kill Zombies

Fighting and killing Zombies can help you earn XP. This is one of the easiest ways to do so. But you must remember, your character should not die or get affected by the attack of the Zombies. Use your weapons and gears properly to defeat the Zombies quickly to earn XP.

The Swimming Pool Trick

This is the only coolest trick to get tons of XP in just a few minutes! To use this trick, you must start the Quest “Room Service” when you enter the Halerpin Hotel after you leave your Bel-Air home.

Dead Island 2: Best Ways to Farm XP Farm

Once you get into the Hotel, you will have to kill some Zombies to clear the path. And then get to the pool area. Once the player is near the pool area, they need to get some Meat as bait to call the Zombies in the Swimming Pool. Remember, water can kill Zombies, so once you set the Meat Bait, you just wait near the pool in a safe area and wait for the Zombies to die.

With this trick, lots of Zombies will come running into the pool to get meat. And this will be your chance to get a huge amount of XP with minimum hard work.

In these ways, you can farm XP in Dead Island 2.

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