Cyberpunk 2077: How to Romance River Ward

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Here is all you need to know about romancing River Ward in Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is an extensive futuristic RPG adventure with a lively world that seems to have an infinite number of things for you to do. Additionally, the game integrates state-of-the-art technology in any and all aspects of an average human life.

Here, you fill in the shoes of a character named V, a hired gun in Night City, ready to do whatever it takes to gain freedom from an implant that will soon overwrite your existence.

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The game contains a hefty amount of bloodshed, with constant gun fights, vehicle chases, and a whole lot more in the dystopian futuristic city. Furthermore, your actions and dialogues will directly impact the story itself.

However, not all decisions are about life and death. As the game presents you with several romance options throughout your journey. One such romance candidate in Cyberpunk 2077 is River Ward.

Who is River Ward

To start off, River Ward is a former NCPD detective living in Night City. During his childhood years, a number of drugged-up thugs showed up at his house and demanded money from his parents.

As his parents couldn’t give them any, the thugs decided to take his father’s life with a bullet and handed a gun to River and told him to shoot his mother. Not being able to do so, the thug took back the gun and shot his mother dead.

River then decided to join the NCPD and swore to prevent such injustices from happening ever again in Night City.

Requirements for Romancing River Ward

  • Required to have a female body type
  • Reach second Street Cred tier in Westbrook, Heywood, or City Centre
  • Complete the Life During Wartime main mission

How to Meet River Ward

Cyberpunk How to Romance River Ward

Unlike most romanceable characters, River Ward is someone you will meet only in a side gig, which is very easy to miss. You will first meet River Ward when you accept the ‘I Fought the Law‘ side gig, where a married couple asks you to play detective to assist them with the mayor’s untimely death.

Subsequently, you will first meet River Ward during a Braindance and then later on when the married couple gives you a way to meet River personally.

From there, you will progress to the next mission called ‘The Hunt‘ and then ‘Following The River,’ which are vital to further your relationship with River.

How to Romance River Ward

As mentioned above, you must complete the ‘Life During Wartime’ main mission in Cyberpunk 2077 to unlock River’s series of side missions. We will now go through the details of each and what you need to do to start your relationship with River Ward.

I Fought The Law

Cyberpunk How to Romance River Ward

You will get a phone call from Elizabeth Peralez for this side job only after you finish the ‘Life During Wartime’ main mission. During this mission, you will interact and work with River for the first time.

However, there are no pivotal decisions or actions in this side job that will influence your chances regarding romancing River. So, you may proceed with the mission however you want.

The Hunt

Cyberpunk How to Romance River Ward

Now ‘The Hunt’ is actually the main side gig you get from River Ward and the choices and decisions you make during this mission will impact how he sees you. Therefore, you need to choose wisely otherwise you’ll lose the chance to romance River.

During ‘The Hunt’, you will enter a Braindance with River and scan all the clues present in the scene. Then, River will drive you to the farm. However, it is vitally important to choose the correct farm, which is the one in Edgewood.

At one point during the end of the mission, River will approach you and ask you about seeking revenge. When this time comes, choose the “Don’t do it, River.” or “We both will.” dialogue option.

Following The River

Cyberpunk How to Romance River Ward

The last side job that you need to complete is the ‘Following The River’ gig. This side gig can be initiated after waiting for 24 hours in game after the last mission you did for River. All you need to do is wait for the call from the man himself.

You will find yourself and River on top of the water tower, make sure to select any romantic dialogue options that pop up during your conversation with River. And make sure to select the “[Kiss]” option whenever it comes up. Doing so will lead to a night with River.

Next morning, in order to solidify the relationship, you need to select the ‘I feel good around you’ dialogue option, and there you have it. You will start off your relationship with River Ward.

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