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Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Studio MDHR

Learn how to defeat the final boss, Chef Saltbaker, in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course, following this guide

Cuphead’s new DLC, The Delicious Last Course, is a perfect expansion to this fantastic game. It keeps the signature gameplay intact and expands on it with new bosses, levels, skills, and upgrades. Furthermore, the DLC does not fail to keep things intense. Every boss fight and run-and-gun is trickier than ever and tests your skills from start to end.

Likewise, the final boss, Chef Saltbaker in A Dish to Die For, is one of the hardest and most complex boss fights in the game. He has multiple phases and unpredictable move sets that will end more than a few times. The interesting thing is he gets more straightforward to handle as his phase advances, but it can become a lot to take since you will probably be low on health and also have to be wary of new attack patterns.

If you’re struggling with the final boss: Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead DLC, just follow this guide; we outline the complete stage from top to bottom to prepare yourself for one last struggle to save Ms. Chalice from the Astral Plane.

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How To Beat Chef Saltbaker in A Dish To Die For

  • Shot-A: Peashooter
  • Shot-B: Crackshot / Spread / Chaser
  • Super: Invincibility
  • Charm: Heart Ring

The peashooter is a reliable weapon that can get you out of any trouble, a well-balanced weapon given to you from the start. The Crackshot or Spread helps to get more shots in, especially when the boss is moving a lot, thanks to its multiple bullets spreading out. You can also use the Chaser if you want the bullets to aim automatically, but the bullet travels much slower, and hence you have to dodge more before the enemy gets taken out.

Invincibility and Heart will give you an extra boost, especially in extreme moments, saving you from certain death. Important at the final phase, as it tests your patience. Also, remember to parry all pink objects to get a +1 on your Ex Attack.

Chef Saltbaker Boss Phases

There are four phases to fight through Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead, with each being slightly easier than its preceding one, weirdly. Nevertheless, passing through four unique phases with different movements and attacks is a challenge itself. These phases are:

  • Phase One: The Chopping Board
  • Phase Two: Pepper Shakers
  • Phase Three: Marshmallow Men
  • Final Phase: Heart

Phase One: The Chopping Board

Cuphead Chef Saltbaker - A Dish to Die For boss fight
credits: Studio MDHR

The first phase is the most challenging one, as the Chef here attacks with the most variation. They are fast and hard to anticipate; only one is destructible. The Chef’s attack includes throwing ice cubes that move across the screen in a wavy pattern and tossing lemon slices like boomerangs that move around the screen, they are pretty slow and can be easily dodged, but the direction of movement can be sudden. Additionally, Chef Saltbaker also attacks with flying strawberries and bouncing fireball man. The cookie attack is the only one that can be destroyed.

You will surely die a lot here, but once you learn all the attacks and their patterns, you should aim to just end this phase asap. Keep shooting at the boss with everything you have while dodging attacks from time to time. Make sure you don’t lose any health here.

Phase Two: Pepper Shaker Troops

A Dish to die for guide cuphead DLC
credits: Studio MDHR

The fight gets much easier from here on. For phase two, the Chef summons multiple pepper shakers that attack you simultaneously. To take them down quickly, stand in the center and use crack shot or spread while dodging all attacks. This phase doesn’t take much time as the shakers have lesser health, but you have to defeat ten of them.

As for the attacks, they shoot projectiles and launch pesky fireballs. Sometimes the Chef will drop mint leaves on you. All of them are easy to dodge, so focus on attacks. Only the fireballs become a challenge as they keep on bouncing.

Phase Three: Dancing Marshmallow Men

Phase Three: Dancing Marshmallow Men
credits: Studio MDHR

After defeating the pepper shakers, Chef Saltbaker will summon two marshmallow men to attack you. There are no projectile attacks to dodge here, but the two figures will constantly bounce around the screen to attack you. Dodging this is simple. Stand at one place for a while and move away as soon as the dancing marshmallow men ready themselves to slam on your last position.

Additionally, a sawblade will be around the middle area, so try to keep yourselves at the extreme ends of the level instead of staying in the middle. Because then, you would have to dodge the bounces as well as the saw blade together.

Keep using your peashooter or crack shot to quickly end this phase as it has lesser health than the earlier phases.

Final Phase: Heart

Cuphead Chef Saltbaker
credits: Studio MDHR

The final phase is the simplest of all. There are no special attacks that follow you or try to crush you. Only the heart of Chef Saltbaker keeps on attacking you, which you can easily avoid by some quick platforming. On the other hand, you must always be on your toes, trying to platform from one falling glass to another.

When you’re done with phase 3, head to the middle of the ground to jump onto the falling glass. Here the moveable area becomes smaller as both sides are taken over by pillars of the doughy persona of the Chef. Peashooter works in all cases, but we recommend using either the crack shot or spread since you frequently get up close to the heart. Moreover, the biggest advantage in this phase is you can parry the heart since it’s pink. Therefore, it allows you to negate its attack and charge up some powerful Ex-Attacks.

Keep platforming and shooting with everything you have, and you will be done with Cuphead DLC’s Chef Saltbaker on a whim. You’re Cuphead Delicious Last Course journey officially comes to a successful end with the completion of the final stage, A Dish Ro Die For. Alas! Ms. Chalice is now rescued.

Now you can play it again with Extreme difficulty for an extra challenge or complete the side contents, such as parry-only boss fights. You can even use the new upgrades and weapons to play the base game or even play as Ms. Chalice herself.

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