Cult of the Lamb: How To Sacrifice Followers

If you want to take this game to another level and if you want to check your followers’ blind devotion to the Cult of The Lamb, you may sacrifice them in the game’s Ritual system. This guide will show you how to sacrifice followers in the game.

Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like action and adventure game in which you play as a survivor lamb who forms a cult to save other animals and defeat enemies across five different regions. They need to gather resources in that Cult to keep the animals sober, so they don’t leave the Cult rebelling. As you grow and upgrade your level, exclusive items and features get unlocked.

When the main player, The Lamb, gets the Red Crown, you will be able to unlock the Ritual feature. This Ritual feature will help you sacrifice or ascend your followers. Moreover, this system will show how much your followers are devoted to the Cult.

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How To Sacrifice Followers

Sacrificing followers is not something easy to do. You can choose any of the followers whether they are old or have less faith. Players may follow these steps to sacrifice their followers:


Visit the Darkwood region and go through the Crusades.

Defeat Mini-Boss

While exploring the Darkwood, you will find your enemy. Defeat him in this combat, and you will be rewarded.

The One Who Waits

The One Who Waits is the savior of the Lamb. He has saved the Lamb from death before. After you defeat the Mini-Boss, he will appear before you and reward you with the Sacrifice Of The Flesh feature.

Cult of the Lamb: How To Sacrifice Followers
Cult of the Lamb: How To Sacrifice Followers

Church Alter

After your Sacrifice Of The Flesh card is unlocked, you may choose any of your followers and sacrifice them at Chruch Alter.

This is the way to sacrifice your followers in Cult of the Lamb. Sacrificing followers would provide you with +20 Faith every time a follower is sacrificed with the First Tree of the Afterlife section of Sacrifice Trait. And also, weapons, curses, health will expand, and EXP.

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