Cult of the Lamb: How To Ascend Followers

The followers with a higher level of loyalty must deserve a higher level of existence. Ascending Followers is another Ritual that can be done with some easy steps. This guide will show the path to this ritual in the Cult Of The Lamb.

Cult of The Lamb is a game of a survivor lamb who forms a cult to save other animals and defeat enemies across five regions. You play as the Head of the Cult and gather different animals to grow your Cult. Moreover, players must cook and feed the members to keep them from rebelling or dying.

When the main character, The Lamb, obtains the Red Crown, the Ritual feature will become available. You can use this Ritual feature to sacrifice or ascend your followers. If any follower is in their old age or is a sacrificial object but fully loyal to the core, they deserve more. Thus, there come ascending followers.

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How To Ascend Followers

You may follow these steps to ascend the followers:

Stone Tablet

Find Stone Tablet. This is the first and foremost thing to ascend the followers.

Command Doctrine

After you get the Stone Tablet, you may command the Doctrine to start the ritual. You will find this option in the Law and Order part.

Also, collect 75 Bones to start the ritual.

Choose the Perfect One

Choose your perfect follower and start the ritual to complete it.

Cult of the Lamb: How To Ascend Followers

This is how to ascend your followers in the Cult of the Lamb. Ascending followers would provide you with +15 Faith. Moreover, ascending the followers will create a peaceful environment within the Cult, and they will not be depressed anymore. Ascending the followers will also benefit you in the gameplay.

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