Cult of the Lamb: How To Read Minds

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Reading minds can be very interesting as it allows you to see the true colors of the followers in Cult of the Lamb. This guide will show you the path to read minds in the game.

Cult of the Lamb is an action and adventure game where you play as the Lamb, the Cult’s leader. In your Cult, followers are bound to be loyal to you. Therefore, players must work hard to keep their followers devoted to the Cult. Moreover, they should also cook food for them and heal them when their followers are sick.

Sometimes, as the leader, you will need to read the minds of your followers so that they do not rebel against you or your Cult. So always keep an eye on them and their thoughts and motivate them to stay in your Cult to work for you.

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Cult of the Lamb: How to Read Minds

How To Read Minds

To read minds, you may follow the steps below:

Unlock The Ability

To be able to use the mind-reading ability, you will have to unlock it first. The steps are really easy to follow;

Three Crusades and Three Kill

To unlock your mind-reading ability, you will have to run three times, known as Crusades, and each time, you will have to face one Mini-boss, and you must defeat them at the end of each run.

Meet ‘The One Who Waits’

The One Who Waits is the savior of the Lamb, a.k.a. the leader, which is you. He saved the Lamb and gave him back his life. After you complete the third run and defeat the third Mini-Boss, he will meet you.

Then, you will grant yourself the new feature and unlock it for you to be able to read minds.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Read Minds
Cult of the Lamb: How to Read Minds

Approach and Speak

Go to a follower and speak to him. Talking will help you read their minds.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Read Minds

“Read Thoughts” Feature

After that, go to the Read Thoughts option on the screen. Click on it.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Read Minds

These are steps to follow to start reading your followers’ minds in Cult of the Lamb. Reading minds will help you learn about their happiness and sadness so that you can prevent their loss of faith in you or your Cult.

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