Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide

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Out of all the fascinating things and magical items in the Cult of the Lamb, there is a cute little thing to do in the game apart from cooking for planting; Marriage. This article will discuss all the facts in the Marriage guide of the game! Stay tuned.

In the action-adventure game Cult of the Lamb, you take on the role of the Lamb, and your Cult is made up of various creatures with both positive and negative abilities. They will, however, be devoted to you, to your Cult’s prophecy, and be loyal to you. There is one outstanding fact; you can marry or have your followers match each other.

Marrying can increase faith and loyalty levels higher and higher. Leaders can get married to more than one Follower, but if the leader, a.k.a the Lamb, happens to do so, jealousy will rise between or among the wives. So better be ready if you plan to marry more than one Follower in the game!

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Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide
Credit: Massive Monster

How To Marry

To marry in Cult of the Lamb, you may follow the steps below:


You will find the Doctrine in Law and Order section. But first, set it all up and start the marriage ritual.

Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide


You will need Fragments to start the Marriage ritual. To get the Fragments, follow the steps ahead;


Bless your Followers to make them happy and devoted to you and your Cult.

Give Gifts

You can also give gifts to your Followers to win their hearts. This way, they will feel that you take care of them.


Do the daily sermons. Start sermons to gather your followers. These followers will be devoted to you and might never leave the Cult until you sacrifice some of them.


Complete quests to gain more Followers. Moreover, completing certain quests will open the door to ascending followers, which will be beneficial.

Level Up Followers

Leveling up the followers can benefit you in many ways. First, the Cult members will be loyal to you after that. The members would be devoted to you and the Cult and remain peaceful. So, it is a must to Level Up your followers.

If you do these steps, you will be able to farm Fragments. In total, you will need 6 Fragments to start the Marriage Ritual.

Commandment Stones

After creating Fragments, you will need Commandment Stones. For example, with 6 Fragments, you will get 2 Commandment Stones.

This stone will help you get extra Doctrines in your Cult. Worthy followers will be in a higher place for that.

Go To The Alter

After you have gathered all these 3 items; Doctrine, Fragments, and Commandment Stones, select your Follower, or if you want to wed your followers, choose and start the Marriage ritual at the altar.

Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide
Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide
Cult of the Lamb: Marriage Guide

This is the way you can get married in Cult of the Lamb.

Why Marry?

Getting married in the game can be very beneficial to you in many ways, like;

Increases Happiness

Weddings increase happiness in your Followers. Remember, the happier they are, the more devoted they will be.

Faith Bonus

For Marriage, you will get a +30 Faith Bonus. Isn’t that amazing?

Sacrifice Spouse(s)

You can get as many partners as you want as you are the leader of the Cult. You can also sacrifice your spouse or spouses to earn an additional bonus. Players can also resurrect their spouses again.


Giving kisses and love to your spouse can also give you an additional bonus and create a happy environment within your Cult and among your Followers.

This is why Marriage is essential in the Cult of the Lamb.

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