Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

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To keep the followers happy and hunger-free, you must farm to grow as much as crops as possible. Therefore, we will talk all about farming in this guide.

You take on the role of the Leader, sometimes known as the Lamb, and you’ll have your Cult with a variety of animals as followers. To keep the followers happy and filled, players need to cook for them to feed them. Farming is a great way to grow food.

Farming is not very difficult in Cult of the Lamb. Moreover, if you want to keep on the loyalty and devotion of your followers towards you and the Cult strong, then you must take the necessary steps to keep them healthy and shining. Farming and planting different crops require different seeds, which must be unlocked with patience in the game.

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Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

How To Unlock A Farm

To unlock a farm, you may follow the steps below:

Unlock Temple

You must unlock the temple first to go forward to opening a Farming Plot.

Divine Inspiration

After that, you will have to pay for 1 Divine Inspiration.

Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

A little while later, you will have your Farming Plot unlocked. Now players must build the Farm to grow crops. To construct a Farm, you must:

Go To Workbench

After your Farm Plot has been unlocked, go to the Workbench and select Food Section from Build Menu.

Farm Plot

You will find the Farm Plot option in the Food Section. Click on it and place the Farm Plot(s) wherever you want.

Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

Remember, Farm Plot making needs;

  • Coins 2x
  • Grass 5x

This way, your Farm Plot will be ready to grow crops with seeds.

How To Unlock New Seeds

You can find new seeds and unlock them in various regions n the game’s map.

Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

To unlock new seeds, players may follow the steps below:

Explore Dark Wood

Visit the Dark Wood region to unlock Camellia and Berry Seeds.

Explore Anura

You will find Pumpkin Seeds and Menticide Mushroom Seeds here.

Explore Silk Cradle and Anchor Deep

Players will get Beetroot Seeds in Silk Cradle and Cauliflower Seeds Anchor Deep.

Visit Dungeon Rooms

You will find Vegetable Icons in Dungeons. These plants could be harvested.

Fight and Defeat Miniboss

After you defeat any Miniboss, you may choose new Seeds as rewards.

Purchase From Rakshasa

Rakshasa is an NPC and stays in the Dungeon to sell Seeds. Players can buy new seeds from him in exchange for Gold Coins.

In these ways, you can unlock new Seeds.

After you have unlocked the Farming Plot and new Seeds, you may plant them and grow them. Moreover, players can use the Farming Bundle, which includes Farmer Station and Seed Silo.

Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide
Cult of the Lamb: Farming Guide

To get the Farming Bundle, players must have;

  • Farmer Station Cost: 20x Coins, 20x Lumber
  • Seed Silo Cost: 20x Coins, 10x Lumber, 10x Stone

Farmer Station will help you grow many more crops; moreover, in the Framer Stations, your Cult members can also help you produce them. And in Seed Silo, you can store your new seeds and plant them anytime.

Also, to improve your Farming overall, you can use;

  • Fertilizer
  • Harvest and Devotion Harvest Totem
  • Scarecrow

In this way, your Farm will be flourished. Best of luck!!

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