CSGO Release Notes 3/1/2021: player spawn bug fix, bomb glitch fix, weapon-related fixes, and more

The latest release notes for Counter-Strike revealed all the bug fixes and other miscellaneous changes they have made to the overall experience.

Valve finally addressed the issue where some players on the enemy side would spawn outside of their spawn location. On top of that, they also fixed a case where players would see a second bomb on retakes mode.

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And lastly, Valve even fixed some instances where weapons would exit out of the play area. Other than that, Valve didn’t reveal any major changes in the latest release notes. Instead, they are just squashing some annoying bugs that were directly affecting the players’ experience.

The main culprit, in this case, was all the teleportation type glitches that allowed players into the enemy spawn and vice versa. Since this was in need of an urgent fix, Valve moved quickly to fix this annoying exploit.

CSGO release note 3/1/2021

Full release notes:

– Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to spawn outside of their spawn location.
– Fixed a case where players would see a second bomb in retakes mode.
– Fixed some cases where dropped weapons exited the play area.

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Most players from the counter-strike community were relieved hearing players will no longer be able to use teleporting exploits following this fix.

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