CIS region has so far dominated the CS:GO competitive scene in 2021

Counter-Strike has had a rough patch back in 2020 with all the big tournaments getting canceled due to the global pandemic.

In the later part of 2020, Valve deiced to host online-only tournaments. Since then a lot has changed in the professional CS:GO scene. The absence of LAN has affected the tournaments in a significant way. Many top organizations in the NA region have dismantled their CS:GO roster.

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Starting with 2021, there has been a change to the overall power dynamic within top teams. During every impactful tournament in 2021, teams from the CIS region have dominated all of them.

CIS is dominating 2021

Many die-hard fans are declaring it as the return of the old glory days of the CIS counter-strike. CIS region consists of teams such as NAVI,, Gambit, etc. Together they have won all the recent tournaments starting with NAVI winning Blast Premier: Global Final 2020.

Later, won the cs_summit 7 back in January. Furthermore, both the finalists from the IEM Katowice final were from the CIS region. And since Gambit won that means teams from this region of the world will keep their place as the top dog until LAN comes back.

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LAN is the biggest event in the professional counter-strike scene. Hopefully, the world can go back to normal so that we can all enjoy Majors in big LAN environments soon.

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