CSGO players are raving about this AK-47 workshop skin called “Chemically Charged”

This skin is currently the hot stuff in the CSGO community

VALVE introduced a workshop in CSGO for creating user-generated skins and it became one of the biggest moneymakers for the company.

Skins are a highly wanted commodity for a game such as Counter-strike. This 20-year-old game is still dear and near to many players’ hearts. And most of them are willing to pony up for some dope looking skins that might pique their interest.

Image via Krmb.

Right now, a chemical themed AK-47 skins called “Chemically Charged” is the hottest commodity in the CSGO community. A Reddit user shared this creation with the Counter-Strike community. And it suffices to say that this nerdy looking AK-47 skin took the community by storm.

Chemically Charged AK-47 skin:

Chemically Charged AK-47 skin CSGO
Image via u/its_krmb

The skin features some doodles referring to some well-known elements and their chemical formula. Additionally, the skin also contains some other chemical-related puns. All in all, this is a pretty clean looking skin concept that looks absolutely divine.

Currently, the item is available in the steam workshop. Many players in the CSGO community now want this skin to make an official debut in the live game. Players can vote for this skin so that VALVE notices its popularity among the devoted community and makes it a reality.

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