CSGO Player shows off an incredible wall bang on Overpass

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Valve

CSGO is a 5v5 tactical shooter with a really low TTK(time to kill) that incentivizes players to use all the tools at their disposal to get an edge over their opponents.

Wall penetration is one of the aspects that gives tactical shooters like Counter-Strike another layer of depth that is absent in other FPS games. While other FPS games have some form of wall penetration where bullets can go through objects that are not that tough, in CSGO it is one of the core mechanics that players have to master to get good at this game.

Top professional players usually know every map in CSGO to an extent that allows them to hit a headshot through the walls. A Reddit user u/xOfficialSisu shared a clip that featured an impossible wall bang on CSGO’s Overpass map that truly baffled players.

Player shows off an impossible wall bang on overpass:

While it may seem like this player was cheating with some sort of radar hack, in reality, it is one the lineup that players can abuse with a weapon that has high wall penetration values. Suffices to say that the opponent team was baffled with that wall bang.

Furthermore, this clip was apparently taken from a level 10 Faceit match. Therefore, the player in this instant might not be cheating as Faceit has a pretty robust anti-cheat protection system. Even in pro tournaments if players are not careful enough they too can fall victim to wall bangs such as this one on Overpass.

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