CSGO dev exposed 2Eggsss on twitter for using fake emails to justify his VAC ban

2Eggsss was caught lying about his VAC ban

Valve employee exposed CSGO’s renowned anti-cheat maker 2Eggsss for forging fake emails to justify his VAC ban.

All this started after 2Eggsss was VAC banned for using cheats in CSGO. 2Eggsss was a renowned figure in the CSGO community for finding out exploits and bugs in Counter-Strike and also reporting them directly to Valve. For his efforts, he was rewarded approximately around $11250 in bounties via HackerOne.

Last year he also gained some notability in the CSGO community for creating Hestia (anti-cheat) system that was really successful in catching cheaters. He later teamed up with Nors3 to create more new content for CSGO. Needless to say that his popularity in the hacker, as well as the CSGO community, was at an all-time high.

CSGO and team fortress 2 source code leak

Now in April 2020, he broke the news on his twitter that the source code for both team fortress 2 and CSGO has been leaked. This lead to the belief that CSGO and team fortress 2’s security was compromised. After news media picked it up Valve released a statement ensuring everyone that the leaked source code was actually from 2018. So, there isn’t any security vulnerability to be worried about.

However, after he shared the details about those leaks he got a huge backlash from the hacker community for spreading unnecessary panic. Many accused him of using cheats in the past. Just right after many community member accused him of cheating, he finally received a VAC ban on his steam account for using cheats.

Lying his way through all the accusation

2Eggsss  twitter
Image Credit: Ryan

Right after his work partner, Nors3 asked him about his ban. He shared a fake email with Nors3 that implied that the VAC ban was actually a mistake by Valve. In the meantime, 2Eggsss also claimed that he was SWAT’d. Instead of explaining to his followers what was actually going on, apparently, he also started a #Free2Eggsss on twitter.

Seeing his fake emails with Valve, a real valve employee Ido Magal finally called out 2Eggsss on twitter for his lies. Apparently it was his first tweet in 10 years. Right after he was caught red-handed, 2Eggsss deleted all his social media accounts that also included his twitter account.

2Eggsss has not made any official statement providing his side of the story. The way he reacted after he was exposed by real Valve employees indicates that there is a really good possibility that he was indeed cheating. Therefore his VAC ban was also justified.

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