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Everything you need to know about DMW in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion, how to unlock them, and what they do.

Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion is a very different game from Final Fantasy 7. The difference is more evident between the original games. The biggest is its battle system. The game’s battle system is not too complicated nor too monotonous. Anyone can get a grip and enjoy this spectacular game and its story.

The Digital Mind Wave, or the DMW, is one of the core elements in this game’s combat. The DMW grants you different advantages in battle, ranging from buffs, immunities, Limit Break, level, and even summons. Furthermore, it also grants you special attacks from the various people you meet and befriend on your journey.

The DMW can seem confusing as it has a lot going on, some randomness in how it works, and some scope to influence it to your needs. Hence, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Digital Mind Wave or DMW in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion and how to utilize it properly.

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How does the Digital Mind Wave or DMW work in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion?

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion DMW
credits: Square Enix

The DMW appears on the top left corner of your screen as reels of a slot machine. During combat phases, it keeps on spinning, and the combination of numbers it stops at determines the bonuses you receive. The left reel slot stops spinning first, then the right, and then the center. Each number is also associated with the game’s different characters as images. If all three slots have the same images, you activate your Limit Break attacks on the enemies by entering a special phase called the Modulating Phase. In the same way, you can also enter Summon Mode, Chocobo Mode, or Genesis mode, which gives you even stronger attacks and bonuses.

Furthermore, three of the same numbers also grant essential bonuses you need throughout the game. The DMW constantly consumes SP for each spin, so you must also keep an eye on your SP meter. It consumes 10 SP per spin. But you will hardly ever run out of SP, as defeating enemies increases them in addition to gaining from the DMW itself.

Leveling Up Zack in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion with DMW

Leveling up in any RPG is the most important thing to look out for, as enemies and bosses keep getting harder. In Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion, Zack is leveled up through the DMW when the slot hits 777.

Although this may sound like the leveling-up is random and unfair, it isn’t. The game has experience points like any other JRPG as a hidden mechanic and is collected by defeating enemies. Once you hit a threshold, you have a high chance of hitting 777 to level up. Moreover, the level-ups are also stacked, so you’ll sometimes see that you get 777 very frequently or get a high jump by several levels.

DMW Materia

DMW Materias has the same name as its Limit Break. Equipping these increases the chance of the corresponding Limit Break to active. However, it does not mean that it increases the likelihood of Modulating Phase initiating, except Chocobo and Summon Mode.

DMW Materia can be found at:

  • Online Shop Shade: Complete Mission M9-5-5 after Chapter 3. Only Apocalypse Materia is purchasable.
  • Bone Village Outlet: Complete Mission M7-5-3 after starting Chapter 4. Megaflare, Zantetsueken, Rebirth Flame, Hellfire, and Exaflare are purchasable.
  • Research Dept. QMC+: Complete Chapter 4. Rush Assault, Meteor Shots, Healing Wave, Octaslash, Air Strike, and Lucky Stars are purchasable.
  • Junon Souvenirs: Complete Mission M2-4-1 and Chapter 10. Materia for all Chocobo characters is found here.

DMW Slot Combinations

CombinationEffectBonus Effect
11115 seconds of invincibility to all damageA piece of Materia increases twice in level
222MP cost is reduced to zeroA piece of Materia increases twice in level
333Magic damage is nullified for 15 seconds.A piece of Materia increases twice in level
444AP cost is reduced to zero A piece of Materia increases twice in level
555Physical damage is negated for 15 seconds.A piece of Materia increases twice in level
666Attacks are critical hits, i.e., double damage, for 20 secondsA piece of Materia increases twice in level
777Invincibility to all damage for 15 seconds.Zack’s character level is raised
Two of any numberA piece of Materia increases once in level
7_7Invincibility to physical damage for 15 seconds
7_ _AP consumption becomes 0 for 12 seconds.
_ _ 7Gain endure for 20 seconds. (Endure prevents staggering)
77_MP consumption becomes 0 for 15 seconds.
_77Magical Damage becomes nullified for 15 seconds
_7_MP consumption becomes 0 for 12 seconds.
Character imageLimit Break for the character becomes active.
Character image of a locked characterActivates Zack’s Limit Break: Chain Slash
DMW Combinations

The Emotion Gauge

credits: Square Enix

Below the DMW slot, you’ll see the Emotion Gauge. As the name states, this graph dictates Zack’s mood and emotional state. There are five levels for the Emotion Gauge, and the higher it is the better Zack’s mental state. This gauge is how you can influence your DMW in battle, and in-game interactions change the gauge with characters and through Cissnei’s Limit Break, ‘Lucky Stars.’

The better state your Emotion Gauge is in, the higher the chance of any character’s images lining up on the DMW through the Modulating Phase and also getting an attack boost. Additionally, certain Materias also act as a multiplier to how often you’ll achieve the Modulating Phase. Hence, having a high emotion gauge is vital in winning battles. The most heightened emotions also bring up flashbacks during Modulating Phase, which looks cool.

The Emotion Gauge levels are:

  • Low: In the lowest DMW stage, you get only a 2.3% chance of activating the Modulating Phase and the least chance of getting bonuses.
  • Normal: The default level. You get a 4.7% chance of entering the Modulating Phase and the default chance of getting bonuses.
  • High: You have a 6.3% chance of entering the Modulating Phase in the DMW. You also have a better chance of getting bonuses and increasing attacks slightly.
  • Sky High: Chances of Modulating Phase at this stage become 7.8%, and bonuses and attack power also increase.
  • Heavenly: The highest level. At the Heavenly DMW level, your chances of entering the Modulating Phase becomes 18.8%. Moreover, achieving bonuses from the DMW is significantly increased. Lastly, you also receive a huge attack boost.

Modulating Phase Mode and Limit Break for the DMW in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reuinion All DMW
credits: Square Enix

This is the best part of the whole DMW mechanic. If two of any character image lineup, your DMW enters the Modulating Phase. Here you get to see the final slot spinning, and if it lines up with three of the same portraits, you get a powerful attack, buff, or even recovery via that character’s Limit Break.

There are three modes for this Modulating Phase. The Normal Mode, Summon Mode, Chocobo Mode, and the overpowered Genesis Mode.

The Normal Mode is the default, where you get all the main character’s limit breaks along with MP, Ap, SP, and AP gains.

The DMW’s modulating phase sometimes changes to Summon Mode. In this mode, your DMW’s images change to the classic Final Fantasy Summons. The catch is that entering Summon Mode does not guarantee a Summon Limit Break. Increasing your Emotion Gauge increases your chance.

The Chocobo mode is similar to the summons, but here you get only Chocobo characters, the Final Fantasy mascots we know throughout the series.

Genesis Mode is the final and the rarest mode. His Limit Break is insanely strong.

All DMW Limit Breaks in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion

Limit BreakEffectAttack Power
Chain Slash (Zack)Attacks a single enemy with a powerful combo.Level 1: 48 Power
Level 2: 54 Power
Level 3: 60 Power
Level 4: 66 Power
Level 5: 76 Power
Octaslash (Sephiroth)Hits a single enemy with a powerful combo. It is the weakest in terms of power.Level 1: 9 Power
Level 2: 11 Power
Level 3: 15 Power
Level 4: 18 Power
Level 5: 22 Power
Rush Assault (Angeal)Zack attacks several but not all enemies multiple times in three chain attacks. The final attack may cause Stun and grant Endure to you. When attacked with level 5, the Emotion Gauge increases a level. Level 1:
Chain 1: 6 Power, Chain 2: 7 Power, Chain 3: 12 Power
Level 2:
Chain 1: 7 Power, Chain 2: 8 Power, Chain 3: 18 Power
Level 3:
Chain 1: 8 Power, Chain 2: 9 Power, Chain 3: 20 Power
Level 4:
Chain 1: 9 Power, Chain 2: 10 Power, Chain 3: 24 Power
Level 5:
Chain 1:10 Power, Chain 2: 11 Power, Chain 3: 32 Power
Air Strike (Tseng)Zack calls an airstrike from Tseng to hit all the enemies with physical damage.Level 1: 40 Power
Level 2: 44 Power
Level 3: 48 Power
Level 4: 64 Power
Level 5: 72 Power
Healing Wave (Aerith)Heals HP, MP, and AP, cures all status effects and also grants invincibility to all damages for a duration that depends on the level. Level 1: 3 seconds
Level 2: 5 seconds
Level 3: 8 seconds
Level 4: 10 seconds
Level 5: 20 seconds
Lucky Stars (Cissnei)All attacks become a critical hit (double damage) for a certain duration, depending on the level. Furthermore, level attacks increase the Emotion Gauge level. Level 1: 10 seconds
Level 2: 15 seconds
Level 3: 20 seconds
Level 4: 40 seconds
Level 5: 80 seconds
Meteor Shots (Cloud)All enemies are hit with giant meteors that do magical damage. Level 1: 44 Power
Level 2: 48 Power
Level 3: 64 Power
Level 4: 72 Power
Level 5: 80 Power
Hellfire (Ifrit)Hits with a powerful fire attack that does magical damage to all enemies.Level 1: 52 Power
Level 2: 56 Power
Level 3: 60 Power
Level 4: 64 Power
Level 5: 77 Power
Megaflare (Bahamut)Bahamut unleashes a destructive magic attack that does immense damage. Emotion Gauge gains a level.Level 1: 58 Power
Level 2: 62 Power
Level 3: 66 Power
Level 4: 70 Power
Level 5: 84 Power
Exaflare (Bahamut Fury)An even stronger version of Megaflare. Emotion Gauge gains a level.Level 1: 70 Power
Level 2: 74 Power
Level 3: 78 Power
Level 4: 82 Power
Level 5: 96 Power
Zantetsuken (Odin)All enemies are hit with Instant Death.
Rebirth Flame (Phoenix)Hits with a massive blaze of fire that does Magic Damage and overlooks Spirit. Grants Raise to Zack.Level 1: 48 Power
Level 2: 52 Power
Level 3: 56 Power
Level 4: 60 Power
Level 5: 78 Power
Dud (No Chocobo characters)Hits Zack with Power and Stuns him.Level 1: 1 Power
Level 2: 1 Power
Level 3: 10 Power
Level 4: 100 Power
Level 5: 1000 Power
Chocobo Stomp (Chocobo)Zack and a Chocobo stomp all enemies dealing physical damage.Level 1: 48 Power
Level 2: 54 Power
Level 3: 58 Power
Level 4: 64 Power
Level 5: 72 Power
Moogle Power (Moogle)Zack regenerates its HP for a specific duration depending on the level. Also, level-up equipped Materia.Level 1: 40 seconds
Level 2: 60 seconds
Level 3: 80 seconds
Level 4: 100 seconds
Level 5: Whole battle
Murderous Thrust (Tonberry)Hits a single enemy with a deadly knife thrustLevel 1: 52 Power
Level 2: 60 Power
Level 3: 64 Power
Level 4: 68 Power
Level 5: 78 Power
Courage Boost! (Cait Sith)Stop, Silence, and Stun is cured. Additionally, Zack gains a set of bonuses. These are i) MBarrier, Endure, and Barrier. ii) AP and MP Cost is 0. iii) Physical and Magic Damage is Null.Level 1:
Set 1: 30 seconds, Set 2: 20 seconds, Set 3: 5 seconds
Level 2:
Set 1: 40 seconds, Set 2: 30 seconds, Set 3: 8 seconds
Level 3:
Set 1: 50 seconds, Set 2: 60 seconds, Set 3: 10 seconds
Level 4:
Set 1: 100 seconds, Set 2: 120 seconds, Set 3: 15 seconds
Level 5:
Set 1: Whole Battle, Set 2: Whole Battle, Set 3: 30 seconds
1000 Needles (Cactuar)Hits an enemy with a flurry of overly damaging needles.Level 1: 300 Power
Level 2: 500 Power
Level 3: 1000 Power
Level 4: 1500 Power
Level 5: 2000 Power
Item Mugger (Magic Pot)It gives you a random item to use. The items depend on the level of the Limit Break. Level 1:
Graviga, Curaga, Libra, Drain
Level 2:
Platinum Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Iron Bangle, Carbon Bangle
Level 3:
Royal Crown, Shinra Beta+, Crystal Orb, Kaiser Knuckles
Level 4:
3 Phoenix Downs, 10 Elixirs, 1 Phoenix Down, 5 Elixirs
Level 5:
1 Gold Rolling Pins, 5 Gold Rolling Pins, 3 Gold Rolling Pins, Ribbon.
Apocalypse (Genesis)A magical seal appears that does Magic Damage to all enemies.Level 1: 66 Power
Level 2: 76 Power
Level 3: 86 Power
Level 4: 96 Power
Level 5: 120 Power
All DMW and its effects in Crisis Core Reunion

How To Unlock all DMW Characters in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion

Crisis Core Reunion DMW guide
credits: Square Enix

You can unlock all the characters in Normal Mode by playing through the game. At certain parts of the story, you meet new characters and their DMW; hence, Limit Break unlocks. On the other hand, for Summon and Chocobo Mode, you have to put in some effort and take up side quests.

Follow here to learn how to unlock all Summon Mode, and Chocobo Mode summons in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion.

  • Sephiroth: Chapter 1
  • Angeal: Chapter 1
  • Tseng: Chapter 3
  • Cissnei: Chapter 4
  • Aerith: Chapter 5
  • Cloud: Chapter 6

Completion for each character and summons also increases automatically as you progress and watch cutscenes for them.

You get the Fury Ring for unlocking everything in the DMW, which counters all enemy attacks. Moreover, 100% completion gives you the Genji Armor. The Genji Armor boosts your HP to 99,999, and HP recovers automatically, granting Auto-Endure.

These are all there is to know about the DMW in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion. Now that you know in-depth about it prepare yourself to become the strongest SOLDIER.

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