Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion: All Missions (Side Quests)

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credits: Square Enix

All the side quests, aka Missions, you can complete in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion and gain extra rewards and experience.

Like any other JRPGs or RPGs, Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion also offers a lot of side quests to indulge in. Some are enjoyable, addicting, and highly rewarding, but some can test your skills and be downright tedious. Yet all of them are rewarding, with some giving you the best items you need to take down anyone.

No matter how great and fun the story missions are, everyone loves a change of pace and learning more about the game world and lore. Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion has tons of side quests to let you do just that.

In this guide, we list all the side quests available in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion and also walk you down some important pieces of info on side quests in this game.

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How To Take Up Side Quests in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Side Quests Missions
credits: Square Enix

In Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion, side quests are called Missions. Each side quests or Missions exist in groups corresponding to a theme or part of the game’s lore. Furthermore, they unlock as you progress through the main story.

Additionally, completing one unlocks the subsequent Mission in the same thread. Sometimes, you need to pass through a certain chapter as well as complete a specific Mission to unlock the next one.

To start a side quest in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion, you need to access the Save Point marker to enter the Missions menu. Furthermore, Missions are highly recommended since some of the most valuable weapons and accessories can only be unlocked through these as rewards. DMW summons is also unlocked through side quests or missions in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion. You also get rewarded with items after completing specific percentages of all side quests till 100%.

Although you can always take up side quests at any point in the game, some are missable. During Chapter 7, if you decide to go to Nibelheim, some of the Missions will become unplayable. We’ll label them as ‘Missable.’

Most of these Missions in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion is defeating bosses, exploring small areas to defeat groups of enemies, or finding certain chests.

Lastly, Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion has 10 Mission groups and 300 side quests to complete.

All Side Quests, aka Missions in Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Side Quests Missions
credits: Square Enix

1. Shinra Electric Power Company

Training Missions

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M1-1-1 Shinra Basic TrainingTalk to the NPC at the top of the stairs at Sector 8Elixir
M1-1-2 Shinra Advanced TrainingAutomatically from Chapter 9Hero Drink
M1-1-3 50 Shinra TroopsComplete Shinra Advanced Training2 Hero Drink
M1-1-4 100 Shinra TroopsComplete 50 Shinra Troops. Black Belt
M1-1-5 200 Shinra TroopsComplete 100 Shinra TroopsHP Up++
M1-1-6 1000 Shinra TroopsComplete 1000 Shinra TroopsMug

Peacekeeping Missions

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M1-2-1 Challenge from Security (Missable)Talk to the guard captain on LOVELESS avenue in Chapter 2Shinra Alpha
M1-2-2 Second ChallengeComplete Challenge from SecuritySilence
M1-2-3 Third ChallengeComplete Second ChallengeFour Slots
M1-2-4 Getting SeriousComplete Third ChallengeForce Bracelet
M1-2-5 Armed ChallengeComplete Getting SeriousIce Armlet
M1-2-6 Last ChallengeComplete Armed ChallengeFat Chocobo Feather

Weapons Development

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M1-3-1 Next-Generation WeaponsUnlocked from Chapter 5Assault Twister
M1-3-2 New Mechanical WeaponsComplete Next-Generation WeaponsCura
M1-3-3 To Quash Genesis’s ForcesComplete New Mechanical WeaponsThundaga
M1-3-4 Experiments Gone WrongComplete To Quash Genesis’s ForcesRiver Chocobo Armlet
M1-3-5 Robots in the CityComplete Experiments Gone WrongGraviga
M1-3-6 A Director’s RequestComplete Robots in the CityCrystal Bracelet

Plan for New Equipment

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M1-4-1 Urban Combat OperationsComplete A Director’s RequestFat Chocobo Feather
M1-4-2 Cyber-SabotageComplete Urban Combat OperationsDrainaga
M1-4-3 Stolen Shinra WeaponsComplete Cyber-SabotageMAG Up++
M1-4-4 Destroy the Mobile ArtilleryComplete Stolen Shinra WeaponsHigh Jump
M1-4-5 Testing New WeaponsComplete Destroy the Mobile ArtilleryStop Twister
M1-4-6 Weapons Comparison TestComplete Testing New Weapons2 Fat Chocobo Feather

Special Operations Arm Laboratory

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M1-5-1 Special Ops WeaponsComplete Weapons Comparison Test4 Lunar Harp
M1-5-2 Special Ops Weapons ReturnComplete Special Ops Weapons2 Hero Drink
M1-5-3 Tarantula TestComplete Special Ops Weapons ReturnEnergy
M1-5-4 Shinra Machines UnitComplete Tarantula TestCrystal Gloves
M1-5-5 Better Death MachinesComplete Shinra Machines UnitShinra Beta+
M1-5-6 Final Versions of the SpiderComplete Better Death Machines5 Adamantite

2. Monster Research Project

Monsters in Midgar

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M2-1-1 Beginnings (Missable)Talk to the NPC at the top of the stairs at Sector 8 from Chapter 3Poison
M2-1-2 Approaching the Outskirts (Missable)Talk to the Shinra Employee at Loveless AvenueFire Armlet
M2-1-3 Sightings in Sector 5 (Missable)Talk to the girl in Sector 5 slums from Chapter 4Phoenix Down
M2-1-4 Defend the Slums (Missable)Talk to the girl on the streets of Sector 5 slums from chapter 5Fire Ring
M2-1-5 Highway Closed (Missable)Talk to the soldier located on the upper side of the Shinra Building Entrance from Chapter 5SPR Up
M2-1-6 Truth in the Wasteland (Missable)Talk to the Shinra Researcher in Shinra Building Exhibit Room after completing all the other quests of this quest-lineIce Ring

Monster Reports

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M2-2-1 Slums of MidgarUnlocks from Chapter 5Assault Twister
M2-2-2 ModeoheimUnlocks from Chapter 6Venom Shock
M2-2-3 NibelheimAvailable from Chapter 9AP Up+
M2-2-4 Nibelheim IIAvailable from Chapter 10Elemental Ward
M2-2-5 GongagaUnlocks from Chapter 10SPR Up+
M2-2-6 World of MonstersComplete GongagaQuake

Monster Incidents

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M2-3-1 Unidentified MonstersComplete World of MonstersGongaga Trading
M2-3-2 Mass EliminationComplete Unidentified MonstersMountain Chocobo Armlet
M2-3-3 Aerial MonstersComplete Mass EliminationSilence Aerial
M2-3-4 Subspecific MoversComplete Aerial MonstersExploder Blade
M2-3-5 The Sealed CavernComplete Subspecific MoversPlatinum Bangle
M2-3-6 Operation: Desert IslandComplete The Sealed CavernKaiser Knuckles

Unexplored Territories

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M2-4-1 A Solitary IslandComplete Operation: Desert IslandJunon Souvenirs
M2-4-2 Wasteland InvestigationComplete A Solitary Island3 Fat Chocobo Feather
M2-4-3 An Unknown IslandComplete Wasteland Investigation2 Phoenix Down
M2-4-4 Excavation Site SurveyComplete An Unknown IslandEnergy
M2-4-5 Cave-In InvestigationComplete Excavation Site SurveyMythril Mine Traders
M2-4-6 Whatever Stands in Your WayComplete Cave-In InvestigationEnergy

In Search of the Unknown

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M2-5-1 Investigation of the CavernsComplete Whatever Stands in Your WayMastered Assault Twister
M2-5-2 New Species FoundComplete Investigation of the CavernsMastered Hell Thundaga
M2-5-3 More New Species FoundComplete New Species FoundWizard Bracelet
M2-5-4 New Cavern FoundComplete More New Species FoundSP Turbo Attack
M2-5-5 Another CavernComplete New Cavern FoundFaerie Ring
M2-5-6 The Great BeastComplete Another CavernGold Hairpin

3. Genesis’s Forces

Genesis’s Forces on the March

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M3-1-1 Foes on the WaterfrontUnlocks from Chapter 3Bronze Bangle
M3-1-2 Massive MachinesComplete Foes on the WaterfrontIron Bangle
M3-1-3 Eliminate the CopiesUnlocks from Chapter 4AP Up
M3-1-4 Destroy the Death MachinesComplete Eliminate the CopiesVIT Up
M3-1-5 Eliminate the Death MachinesComplete Destroy the Death MachinesMythril Gloves
M3-1-6 Midgar Defense OperationsUnlocks from Chapter 5Mystile

Major Offensives

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M3-2-1 Foes in the SlumsUnlocks from Chapter 6Lightning Amulet
M3-2-2 Take Back the CarrierUnlocks from Chapter 7
M3-2-3 Raid the Enemy’s StrongholdComplete Take Back the CarrierFire Blade
M3-2-4 Enemy Attack PreparationComplete Raid the Enemy’s StrongholdThundara Blade
M3-2-5 Pursue the FoesUnlocks from Chapter 9Gris-Gris Bag
M3-2-6 Foes in the WastelandUnlocks from Chapter 10Crystal Gloves

Clash with Genesis’s Forces

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M3-3-1 Red Alert!Complete Foes in the WastelandSilver Amulet
M3-3-2 Base in the CavernsComplete Red Alert!Firaga Blade
M3-3-3 Surprise Attack on MidgarComplete Base in the CavernsOsmoga
M3-3-4 One Base at a TimeComplete Surprise Attack on MidgarDrain Blade
M3-3-5 Rumble in MidgarComplete One Base at a TimeAssault Twister+
M3-3-6 Regain the Mako FactoryComplete Rumble in MidgarBlast Wave

Genesis Evolution

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M3-4-1 Regain Shinra’s MateriaComplete Regain the Mako FactoryElectrocute
M3-4-2 Powered-Up CopiesComplete Regain Shinra’s MateriaDeath Jump
M3-4-3 Reinforced CopiesComplete Powered-Up Copies3 Mythril
M3-4-4 Return to MidgarComplete Reinforced CopiesFlare
M3-4-5 Destroy the Copy FactoryComplete Return to Midgar3 Adamantite
M3-4-6 Strongest Copies YetComplete Destroy the Copy FactorySP Turbo Magic

The Strongest Copies

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M3-5-1 Intercept the CopiesComplete Strongest Copies Yet3 Hero Drink
M3-5-2 Attack the Copies’ BaseComplete Intercept the Copies2 Hero Drink
M3-5-3 Genesis’s Special Ops UnitComplete Attack the Copies’ BaseWall
M3-5-4 Chase the CopiesComplete Genesis’s Special Ops UnitUltima
M3-5-5 Defeat the CopiesComplete Chase the Copies3 Chocobo Feather
M3-5-6 Last of the Genesis TroopsComplete Defeat the CopiesSP Turbo Attack

4. To End the War with Wutai

Pursue the Remnants

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M4-1-1 Wutai Units FoundUnlocks from Chapter 2Elixir
M4-1-2 Anti-SOLDIER MonstersComplete Wutai Units FoundBulletproof Vest
M4-1-3 Pursue the DesertersComplete Anti-SOLDIER MonstersLibra
M4-1-4 Wutai Remnants in the SlumsComplete Pursue the DesertersMuscle Belt
M4-1-5 Stop the IntrudersComplete Wutai Remnants in the SlumsMute Shock
M4-1-6 Search for Wutai RemnantsComplete Stop the IntrudersPoison Blade

Behind the Scenes

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M4-2-1 Foes in the Corel MinesClear Search for Wutai RemnantsLightning Armlet
M4-2-2 Remnants in the SlumsComplete Foes in the Corel MinesGold Armlet
M4-2-3 Foes inside the Shinra BuildingComplete Remnants in the SlumsBlaze Armlet
M4-2-4 March into WutaiComplete Foes inside the Shinra BuildingAP Up++
M4-2-5 Stubborn Wutai RemnantsComplete March into WutaiSprint Shoes
M4-2-6 The Five Saints of WutaiComplete Stubborn Wutai RemnantsWutai Secret Shop

The Crescent Unit

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M4-3-1 Defeat the Scout Units (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy on LOVELESS Avenue in Chapter 5Poison Twister
M4-3-2 Obliterate Advance Elements (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy in Sector 5 Slum Market in Chapter 5System Shock
M4-3-3 Foes in the Wutai Base (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy at the Shinra Building Entrance in Chapter 5Power Wrist
M4-3-4 Mobile Units (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy near Sector 8 fountain in Chapter 5Diamond Bracelet
M4-3-5 The Enemy’s Stronghold (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy in the Shinra Building Exhibit Room in Chapter 5Death
M4-3-6 Stop the Assailants (Missable)Find the Wutai Spy at the Sector 5 Slums Park in Chapter 5The Happy Turtle

The Remnants Strike Again

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M4-4-1 A New ThreatComplete The Five Saints of Wutai2 Hero Drink
M4-4-2 Death Wish for ZackComplete A New ThreatDarkness
M4-4-3 InfiltrationComplete Death Wish for ZackSector 7 Shop
M4-4-4 Wutai in the SlumsComplete InfiltrationGil Toss
M4-4-5 Anti-Shinra BaseComplete Wutai in the Slums3 Hero Drink
M4-4-6 Anti-SOLDIER WeaponsComplete Anti Shinra BaseMoon Bracer

Annihilate the Crescent Unit

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M4-5-1 Neutralize the CommanderComplete Anti-SOLDIER WeaponsTri-Thundaga
M4-5-2 Last of the WutaiComplete Neutralize the CommanderPlatinum Bangle
M4-5-3 Crush the Crescent UnitComplete Last of the WutaiDispel Blade
M4-5-4 Crescent Unit AnnihilationComplete Crush the Crescent UnitGoblin Punch
M4-5-5 Before They RegroupComplete Crescent Unit AnnihilationRoyal Crown
M4-5-6 Wutai SuppressionComplete Before They RegroupMagical Punch

5. Hojo’s Laboratory

Sample Monsters Lv.1

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M5-1-1 Experiment No. 101Unlocks from Chapter 2Lv.2 Fire
M5-1-2 Experiment No. 102Unlocks from Chapter 3Amulet
M5-1-3 Experiment No. 103Unlocks from Chapter 4Lightning Ring
M5-1-4 Experiment No. 104Unlocks from Chapter 5Drain
M5-1-5 Experiment No. 105Unlocks from Chapter 6Venom Shock
M5-1-6 Experiment No. 106Unlocks from Chapter 6Drainra

Sample Monsters Lv.2

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M5-2-1 Experiment No. 107Unlocks from Chapter 9Curaga
M5-2-2 Experiment No. 108Unlocks from Chapter 9Firaga
M5-2-3 Experiment No. 109Unlocks from Chapter 10Mortal Shock
M5-2-4 Experiment No. 110Unlocks from Chapter 10Wall
M5-2-5 Experiment No. 111Complete Experiment No. 1104 Fat Chocobo Feather
M5-2-6 Experiment No. 112Complete Experiment No. 111Osmose Blade

Sample Monsters Lv.3

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M5-3-1 Experiment No. 113Complete Experiment No. 112Poison Aerial
M5-3-2 Experiment No. 114Complete Experiment No. 113Death Twister
M5-3-3 Experiment No. 115Complete Experiment No. 114Iron Fist
M5-3-4 Experiment No. 116Complete Experiment No. 115Platinum Bangle
M5-3-5 Experiment No. 117Complete Experiment No. 116Crystal Orb
M5-3-6 Experiment No. 118Complete Experiment No. 1175 Dark Matter

Sample Monsters Lv.4

Mission Name Unlock ConditionRewards
M5-4-1 Experiment No. 119Complete Experiment No. 118Element Blade
M5-4-2 Experiment No. 120Complete Experiment No. 119Magical Punch
M5-4-3 Experiment No. 121Complete Experiment No. 120Flare
M5-4-4 Experiment No. 122Complete Experiment No. 1215 Fat Chocobo Feather
M5-4-5 Experiment No. 123Complete Experiment No. 122Mastered Quake
M5-4-6 Experiment No. 124Complete Experiment No. 123Ribbon

6. Seeking Precious Items

Looking for Items

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-1-1 Closed Coal MinesUnlocks from Chapter 2Phoenix Down
M6-1-2 Desert Island DelightsComplete Closed Coal MinesChocobo Armlet
M6-1-3 Scavenger HuntComplete Desert Island DelightsJump
M6-1-4 In the Depths of the CavernsComplete Scavenger Hunt2 Dark Matter
M6-1-5 Buried in the CavernsComplete In the Depths of the Caverns2 Lunar Harp
M6-1-6 Items in the Coal Mines IIComplete Buried in the Caverns2 Hero Drink

Midgar City Development Department

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-2-1 Slum Development Plan 1 (Missable)Talk to the City Planning Director at the lower levels of the Shinra Building Entrance2 Fat Chocobo Feather
Sector 8 Materia Shop
M6-2-2 Slum Development Plan 2Complete Slum Development Plan 12 Hero Drink
M6-2-3 Mako Excavation SiteComplete Slum Development Plan 22 Lunar Harp
Sector 5 Materia Shop
M6-2-4 Ingredient for SomaComplete Mako Excavation Site20 Elixir
M6-2-5 Making Phoenix DownComplete Ingredient for SomaDoc’s Code
M6-2-6 Underground CityComplete Making Phoenix Down2 Lunar Harp
Sector 6 Accessory Shop

Zack, The Treasure Hunter

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-3-1 Items in the PlainsComplete Items in the Coal Mines II2 Fat Chocobo Feather
M6-3-2 Desert Island SurprisesComplete Items in the Plains2 Adamantite
M6-3-3 An Item for FusionComplete Desert Island Surprises3 Dark Matter
M6-3-4 Item in the CavernsComplete An Item for Fusion2 Fat Chocobo Feather
M6-3-5 Item in the Coal MinesComplete Item in the Caverns2 Hero Drink
M6-3-6 Items in the WastelandComplete Items in the Coal Mines3 Mythril

Zack, The Clean-up Guy

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-4-1 Monsters in the CavernsComplete Underground City/ Items in the Wasteland3 Mythril
M6-4-2 In the Closed Coal MinesComplete Monsters in the Caverns2 Lunar Harp
M6-4-3 In the Secret FacilityComplete In the Closed Coal Mines3 Fat Chocobo Feather
M6-4-4 Hiding in the WastelandComplete In the Secret FacilityNibel Accessories
M6-4-5 Buried in the PlainsComplete Hiding in the WastelandShining Bracer
M6-4-6 Ancient and HiddenComplete Buried in the Plains3 Fat Chocobo Feather

Zack, The Corporation Crusher

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-5-1 City Planning Dept.Complete Ancient and Hidden3 Hero Drink
M6-5-2 Space Development Dept.Complete City Planning Dept.3 Fat Chocobo Feather
M6-5-3 The Reporting DepartmentComplete Space Development Dept.3 Mythril
M6-5-4 Security DepartmentComplete The Reporting Department3 Mythril
M6-5-5 Arms Development Dept.Complete Security DepartmentMastered Drainaga
M6-5-6 Science DepartmentComplete Arms Development Dept.Mastered High Jump

Counter Mafia Project

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M6-6-1 The Don’s SecretComplete Science Department4 Fat Chocobo Feather
M6-6-2 The Don’s Second SecretComplete The Don’s Secret5 Mythril
M6-6-3 Secret in the CavernsComplete The Don’s Second Secret5 Adamantite
M6-6-4 Secret on the PlainsComplete Secret in the CavernsGold Rolling Pin
M6-6-5 The Melancholy DonComplete Secret on the Plains10 Dark Matter
M6-6-6 The Don’s TwilightComplete The Melancholy Don10 Hero Drink

7. Seeking Priceless Items

Recall Missions

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-1-1 Freight Recall (Missable)Talk to the Soldier 3rd Class Lv.1 in the Shinra Building Briefing Room from Chapter 3Headband
M7-1-2 Black Market RecallComplete Freight RecallStar Pendant
M7-1-3 Cargo RecallComplete Black Market RecallDiamond Gloves
M7-1-4 Supplies RecallComplete Cargo RecallPearl Necklace
M7-1-5 Deputy AssignmentComplete Supplies RecallFrost Armlet
M7-1-6 Second Deputy AssignmentComplete Deputy AssignmentSprint Shoes

Precious Things

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-2-1 Search and DestroyUnlocks from Chapter 4Item Fusion Tome
M7-2-2 Search and Destroy IIComplete Search and DestroyKeychain
M7-2-3 Operation: Mako Reactor 1Complete Search and Destroy IIThunder Armlet
M7-2-4 Operation: Mako Reactor 2Complete Operation: Mako Reactor 1Dragon Armlet
M7-2-5 Operation: Mako Reactor 3Complete Operation: Mako Reactor 2Backpack
M7-2-6 Accessories RecallComplete Operation: Mako Reactor 3Paralyzing Shock

ESP Development Test

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-3-1 P’s Precognition Lv.1Complete Accessories RecallBlack Cowl
M7-3-2 P’s Precognition Lv.2Complete P’s Precognition Lv.1Snow Armlet
M7-3-3 P’s Precognition Lv.3Complete P’s Precognition Lv.2Sea Chocobo Armlet
M7-3-4 P’s Precognition Lv.4Complete P’s Precognition Lv.3Gold Hairpin
M7-3-5 P’s Precognition Lv.5Complete P’s Precognition Lv.4Snow Armlet
M7-3-6 P’s Precognition Lv.6Complete P’s Precognition Lv.5Adaman Bangle

Contacts from P

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-4-1 First ContactComplete P’s Precognition Lv.6Twisted Headband
M7-4-2 Second ContactComplete First ContactBrigand’s Gloves
M7-4-3 Third ContactComplete Second ContactHeadband
M7-4-4 Fourth ContactComplete Third ContactMythril Armlet
M7-4-5 Signs of GrowthComplete Fourth ContactBlaze Armlet
M7-4-6 BreakthroughComplete Signs of GrowthBrutal

Orphans Escaping

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-5-1 Boy in the CavernsComplete BreakthroughSky Chocobo Armlet
M7-5-2 Eldest in the WastelandComplete Boy in the CavernsGold Armlet
M7-5-3 Girl on Desert IslandComplete Eldest in the WastelandBone Village Commerce
M7-5-4 Second Son in the WastelandComplete Girl on Desert IslandPower Suit
M7-5-5 Twins in the CavernsComplete Second Son in the WastelandEnergy Suit
M7-5-6 Youngest in the WastelandComplete Twins in the CavernsWizard Bracelet

The Accessory Craftsman

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M7-6-1 A Recruiter’s DepartureComplete Youngest in the WastelandGood-Luck Charm
M7-6-2 A Recruiter’s Close CallComplete A Recruiter’s DepartureFaerie Ring
M7-6-3 A Recruiter in a SlumpComplete A Recruiter’s Close CallProtect Ring
M7-6-4 The Irritated RecruiterComplete A Recruiter in a SlumpMog’s Amulet
M7-6-5 The Frustrated RecruiterComplete The Irritated RecruiterTwisted Headband
M7-6-6 The Determined RecruiterComplete The Frustrated RecruiterEnergy Suit

8. Zack, The Materia Hunter

Starting Out

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-1-1 Rematch with IfritAvailable from Chapter 2Ifrit Materia
M8-1-2 RaijinchoComplete Rematch with IfritLv.2 Thunder
M8-1-3 Clash with Genesis TroopsAvailable from Chapter 3HP Up
M8-1-4 Rematch with BahamutComplete Clash with Genesis TroopsBahamut Materia
M8-1-5 Escape from Hojo’s LabComplete Rematch with BahamutRegen
M8-1-6 Mystery MateriaComplete Escape from Hojo’s LabOdin Materia

Mako Stones

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-2-1 SPR Mako Stone (Missable)Talk to the Researcher in the Shinra Building Materia Room from Chapter 2SPR Mako Stone
M8-2-2 VIT Mako StoneComplete SPR Mako StoneVIT Mako Stone
M8-2-3 Mag Mako StoneComplete VIT Mako StoneMag Mako Stone
M8-2-4 HP Mako StoneComplete Mag Mako StoneHP Mako Stone
M8-2-5 ATK Mako StoneComplete HP Mako StoneATK Mako Stone
M8-2-6 LCK Mako StoneComplete ATK Mako StoneLCK Mako Stone

To Hell and Back

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-3-1 EM Hell in the BuildingComplete Mystery MateriaStop Blade
M8-3-2 EM Hell on the IslandComplete EM Hell in the BuildingStatus Ward
M8-3-3 EM Hell in the WastelandComplete EM Hell on the IslandElemental Strike
M8-3-4 EM Hell in the MinesComplete EM Hell in the WastelandMAG Up++
M8-3-5 EM Hell in the PlainsComplete EM Hell in the MinesStatus Strike
M8-3-6 EM Hell in the CavernsComplete EM Hell in the PlainsHell Thundaga

From a Hot Treasure Hunter

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-4-1 Suspicious Mail 1Interact with the Save Point on Mako Reactor 5 upper levels, from Chapter 3Chocobo Feather
M8-4-2 Suspicious Mail 2Complete Suspicious Mail 1Barrier
M8-4-3 Suspicious Mail 3Complete Suspicious Mail 2Cait Sith’s Megaphone
M8-4-4 Suspicious Mail 4Complete Suspicious Mail 3Moogle’s Amulet
M8-4-5 Suspicious Mail 5Complete Suspicious Mail 4MAG Up+
M8-4-6 Suspicious Mail 6Complete Suspicious Mail 5Darkness

Anonymous Hints

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-5-1 Treasure Info 1Complete Suspicious Mail 6Assault Twister+
M8-5-2 Treasure Info 2Complete Treasure Info 1VIT Up++
M8-5-3 Treasure Info 3Complete Treasure Info 2SPR Up++
M8-5-4 Treasure Info 4Complete Treasure Info 3Exploder Blade
M8-5-5 Treasure Info 5Complete Treasure Info 4Hell Firaga
M8-5-6 Treasure Info 6Complete Treasure Info 5Bahamut Fury Materia

Yuffie’s Notices

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M8-6-1 NoticeComplete Treasure Info 6Tri-Fire
M8-6-2 Another NoticeComplete NoticeDeath Jump
M8-6-3 Final NoticeComplete Another NoticeElectrocute
M8-6-4 S.O.S.?Complete Final NoticeFlare
M8-6-5 S.O.S.Complete S.O.S.?Smart Consumer
M8-6-6 S.O.S….?Complete S.O.S.Mastered Stop Blade

9. Great Cavern of Wonders

Invitation to the Underground

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-1-1 Underground CavesComplete Treasure Info 6Aegis Armlet
M9-1-2 Deeper into the CavesComplete Underground CavesThundara Blade
M9-1-3 Marks of an IntruderComplete Deeper into the CavesRune Armlet
M9-1-4 Genesis’s InterceptionComplete Marks of an IntruderHigh Jump
M9-1-5 Behind the ScenesComplete Genesis’s InterceptionWall
M9-1-6 Genesis’s ThreatComplete Behind the ScenesElixir


Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-2-1 The Third PowerComplete Genesis’s ThreatPoison Twister
M9-2-2 Weapons Out of ControlComplete The Third PowerHero Drink
M9-2-3 Continuing into the CavesComplete Weapons Out of ControlElement Blade
M9-2-4 A New Path DiscoveredComplete Continuing into the CavesEnergy
M9-2-5 To the Lower LevelsComplete A New Path DiscoveredIron Fist
M9-2-6 Signs of MateriaComplete To the Lower LevelsSP Turbo

In Search of What?

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-3-1 To the EndComplete Signs of MateriaHammer Punch
M9-3-2 Genesis’s ChallengeComplete To the EndProtect Ring
M9-3-3 Genesis’s New WeaponComplete Genesis’s ChallengeNetwork Shop Duo
M9-3-4 Genesis’s Super WeaponComplete Genesis’s New WeaponMagical Punch
M9-3-5 Wutai’s BestComplete Genesis’s Super WeaponEscort Guard
M9-3-6 No More WutaiComplete Wutai’s BestMastered Flare

Realms of Demons

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-4-1 Genesis’s AmbitionComplete No More Wutai4 Kaiser Knuckles
M9-4-2 Genesis’s PassionComplete Genesis’s AmbitionFat Chocobo Feather
M9-4-3 A Fresh StartComplete Genesis’s Passion1000 Needles
M9-4-4 Machines Gone HaywireComplete A Fresh StartPrecious Watch
M9-4-5 Only for SOLDIERComplete Machines Gone HaywireMurderous Thrust
M9-4-6 Only for 1st ClassComplete Only for SOLDIERSniper Eye

Unknown Energy

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-5-1 Hojo’s MonstersComplete Only for 1st ClassBrutal
M9-5-2 Further BelowComplete Hojo’s MonstersSP Barrier
M9-5-3 Unusually Strong MonstersComplete Further BelowProtect Ring
M9-5-4 Abnormal PowerComplete Unusually Strong MonstersLaurel Crown
M9-5-5 A Lonely JourneyComplete Abnormal PowerHellfire
M9-5-6 Even DeeperComplete A Lonely JourneyMastered Megaflare

Doors to the Unknown

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M9-6-1 Toughest MonstersComplete Even DeeperMastered Zantetsuken
M9-6-2 The Lowest TierComplete Toughest MonstersSuper Ribbon
M9-6-3 Weapons Gone HaywireComplete The Lowest TierMastered Rebirth Flame
M9-6-4 Biomechanical ThreatsComplete Weapons Gone HaywireMastered Exaflare
M9-6-5 Life Form of EnergyComplete Biomechanical ThreatsSP Master
M9-6-6 The Reigning DeityComplete Life Form of EnergyDivine Slayer

10. Mysteries of the World

Cactoid Secrets

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M10-1-1 Where’s the Cactuar?Defeat Kactuar in the Mission: Eliminate the CopiesMuscle Belt
M10-1-2 Kactuar?Complete Where’s the Cactuar?Champion Belt
M10-1-3 Cactuar Found?Complete Kactuar?Cactus Thorn

Tonberry Quests

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M10-2-1 Find the Tonberry!Defeat Tonberry in the Mission: Buried in the CavernsSilver Armlet
M10-2-2 Tonberries EverywhereComplete Find the Tonberry!Gysahl Greens
M10-2-3 Master TonberryComplete Tonberries EverywhereTonberry’s Knife

Fun in the Sun!

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M10-3-1 Vacation TimeComplete Take Back the CarrierDark Matter
M10-3-2 Vacation for RealComplete Vacation TimeGysahl Greens
M10-3-3 Please Make it a VacationComplete Vacation for RealHero Drink

More Fun in the Sun!

Mission NameUnlock ConditionRewards
M10-4-1 You Need a VacationComplete Please Make it a VacationPhoenix Down
M10-4-2 We Hope it’s a VacationComplete You Need a VacationMythril
M10-4-3 Is it a Vacation Yet?Complete We Hope it’s a VacationAdamantite

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