Complete Element Types Guide: Palworld

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Complete Element Types Guide: Palworld

Check out all of the Elements in Palworld, and much more!

In Palworld, there are these different elements that come with their unique strenghts and weaknesses. However, a very little is known about each of these elements. It covers a range of elemental pals, including Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flame/Fire, and more.

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Here, we have tried to present each of these elements in detail, highlighting their advantages against certain types and vulnerabilities to others. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this guide can come as a hand tool to prepare a solid strategy to deep dive into the Palworld. Let’s see what we have here for you.

All Palworld Elements, Strength and Weaknesses

Check out all the Elemental Pals, their point of Strength and their lackings:

ElementStrong AgainstWeak Against
Flame/FireGrass, IceWater

Dark Element

Dark Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Neutral
  • Weak Against: Dragon
  • Pals: Depresso, Daedream, Mau, etc.

Dark Pals possess a mysterious aura, leaving much to be discovered. While their attacks inflict significant damage on the vulnerable Neutral element, further insights into their optimal usage still remain out of the book. In brief, a lot yet to discover for these Element.

Dragon Element

Dragon Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Dark
  • Weak Against: Ice
  • Pals: Elphidran, Quivern, Jetragon, etc.

Dragon Pals unleash powerful bursts of fiery energy to burn their foes to the groun. However, their fiery spirit can be dampened by frosty adversaries. Apart from that, this should a go-to material for the beginner.

Electric Element

Electric Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Water
  • Weak Against: Ground
  • Pals: Sparkit, Jolthog, Rayhound, etc.

Electric current flows through these Pals, resulting in powerful effects against Water types. However, when standing against Earthy diggers, the electricity gets swiftly neutralized into the soil, losing its charge against the grounded nature of the earth. This unique interaction exemplifies the dynamic interplay between electrical and earth-based elements.

Flame / Fire Element

Flame / Fire Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Grass, Ice
  • Weak Against: Water
  • Pals: Foxparks, Rooby, Arsox, etc.

Flame creatures, with their ability to wield explosive fireballs, are skilled at melting ice types and scorching grass rivals. However, their formidable power is extinguished when faced with strong water foes.

Frost / Ice Element

Frost / Ice Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Dragon 
  • Weak Against: Fire
  • Pals: Jolthog Cryst, Mau Cryst, Swee, etc.

Frost Pals can fearlessly battle with their formidable icy shields. Additionally, with their chilling blasts, they freeze even the mightiest dragons, rendering them powerless. However, as the intense blazes rage on, their powers gradually diminish, compelling them to seek “other way around” to stand against the challenges that lie ahead.

Grass Element

Grass Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Ground
  • Weak Against: Fire
  • Pals: Tanzee, Flopie, Mossanda, etc.

Grass Pals have sharp, glowing leaves that can pelt specific their foes, penetrating even the toughest ground enemies. However, due to their delicate nature, they quickly wither when exposed to intense flames.

Ground / Earth Element

Ground / Earth Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Electric
  • Weak Against: Grass
  • Pals: Rushoar, Fuddler, Hangyu, etc.

Ground type Pals are known for their solid stone composition and ability to diffuse and withstand electric attacks. They can deal heavy blows to lightning foes. However, despite their tenacious nature, grass poses a challenge to these Ground Pals.

Neutral Element

Neutral Element Pals
  • Strong Against: None
  • Weak Against: Dark
  • Pals: Eikthyrdeer, Nitewing, Lunaris, etc.

Neutral Pals, although they lack offensive strengths, have minimal weaknesses. They are vulnerable to Dark enemies who can cause significant damage. However, it’s important to highlight that Neutral creatures adeptly avoid elemental conflicts, demonstrating their ability to overcome challenges unharmed.

Water Element

Water Element Pals
  • Strong Against: Fire
  • Weak Against: Electric 
  • Pals: Suzaku Aqua, Surfent, Celaray, etc.

Water Pals possess remarkable control over fire, extinguishing it with powerful jets without extra hassle. However, they must exercise caution when facing electric foes to avoid detrimental consequences that affect their liquid form.

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