How to Capture a Pal in Palworld: A Complete Guide

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By Abu Bakar Karim
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Pal Capturing Guide in Palworld

Learn how to capture a trustworthy Pal in Palworld.

If you are low in pals in real world, you can now get some of your own; be it a real world pal or a pal from Palworld. Simply put, it’s all about Palworld. Similar to Craftopia, but more advanced. How, you ask? Well, besides being a reliable companion, a Pal will be the Jake to your Finn.

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Alright, let’s get real. Capturing a Pal may seem easy at first, but it gets challenging against higher-level Pals. That’s what we’re diving into today. Hop in!

To Capture a Pal in Palworld

Capturing Pals in Palworld

Capturing Pals is pretty straightforward, as I mentioned earlier, but it gets trickier as you come across stronger and wild Pals. And to stash some Pals, you gotta stash some Pal Spheres first. What’s next, you ask? Well, here’s what you gotta do:

  • Start with local Pals: Before venturing too far, practice capturing Pals that are easier to beat into submission, precisely, choking them to death. These Pals can be subdued with your bare hands.
  • Weaken the Pals: When encountering a wild Pal, make sure not to kill it. Instead, weaken it as much as possible without causing its execution.
  • Use Pal Spheres: And when they are about to exhale their final breath, hold down the designated button for your console (“Q,” “RB,” or “R2”) to prepare your Pal Sphere for throwing. All you have to do is, aim at the weakened Pal, and you’ll see the probability percentrage of that specific Pal being captured. In brief, the more you weaken the Pal, the higher the chance of a successful capture.

What are Pal Spheres in Palworld?

What are Pal Spheres in Palworld?

As of now, you already have a hint of it. In a broader sense, there are multiple types of Pal Spheres for capturing Pals. These blue orbs can be obtained through crafting or discovered in your surrounding environment. Additionally, look out for rarer Mega spheres during your exploration, as these can be useful to capture the tougher ones.

  • Crafting and tiers: Basic Pal spheres can be crafted at any workbench. As you progress, specialized sphere benches become available to craft the advanced spheres. Moreover, there are six tiers of advanced spheres, each with the capability to capture Pals of higher levels.
  • Upgrade capabilities: Getting better spheres will increase your chances of capturing more powerful Pals, no doubt. So, scavenge or craft your way to stash more powerful spheres.

How to Capture High Level Pals

How to Capture High Level Pals

You now have a pretty basic idea on what to expect from a Pal of higher level. Moreover, you will need some additional tactics and preparation before making them your Pal:

  • Gear up: Equip armor and weapons, preferably ranged ones, to tackle those hige level Pals.
  • Exploit weaknesses: Every pal has a special weakpoint. So, watch out for one and make your strategy according to that. Additionally, read their movement and their elemental features. This can be trump card. For example, use water weapons or Water Type Pals against Fire Type Pals for extra damage.
  • Resources: If the chance to capture a Pal remains low, it is better to defeat the Pal and get the resources from it rather than making it a part of your team.

What to do with the Captured Pals in Palworld?

What to do with the Captured Pals in Palworld?

Once you’ve successfully captured Pals, they can become part of your team or be stored in Palboxes:

  • Team and Palboxes: Captured Pals will either join your team or enter the “box” if your team is full. You can access the box by interacting with a Palbox.
  • Palboxes and bases: Palboxes serve as both storage and the heart of a base. You can access your Pals from any Palbox placed around the world. Remember, there is a limit to the number of bases you can have, but you can increase this limit by leveling up the first Palbox you build to level 10.
  • Jobs and defense: Assign Pals to the base created by the Palbox. You can assign them tasks, make them work in factories, and defend the base from Raids.

And that is all about a Pal in Palworld; from capturing to making it work, make your Pal pay to the last extent. Just kidding, play with your pals and you will have a great time in Palworld. Prosst!

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