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Diablo 4, even though launched as a fully priced game, it is launched as a live-service game. So, it will feature a battle pass. Here is a complete guide for Diablo 4 Battle Pass.

Diablo 4 is the newest mainline Diablo entry after a long break of 11 years. This time, the game features a fully explorable open world with dungeons. To accompany the open world features, a lot of quality of life changes along with a mount has also been added to the game.

This time around, Diablo 4 is going to be a live service title. That means it will receive seasonal content updates that will add new quests and features to the game. And to keep up the seasonal update, they have introduced a battle pass to the game. Here we will give you a complete overview of the battle pass in Diablo 4.

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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Overview

Diablo 4 Battle Pass will start along with season 1 of the game. The devs have confirmed you will need to make a new character each season to play that season. And since hitting the max level each season is no easy task, it is yet to see how many players the game retains after a few seasons.

Right now, the battle pass is scheduled to release at the end of July, along with the game’s first season. It will contain a lot of seasonal cosmetics rewards for your character as well as for your mounts.

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How are the levels in Diablo 4 Battle Pass?

Diablo 4 will have three different tiers of battle passes. The free track, the premium track, and finally, the accelerated track. The free track is sprinkled between the other two tracks and has about 27 different levels. And the premium battle pass has an additional 63 levels making the whole battle pass have 100 levels in total.

As for the accelerated track, it is like an extension of the premium pass. Buying the accelerated pass will give you all the benefits of a premium battle pass and also unlock the first 20 levels of the pass. Additionally, you will get an emote out of it. The premium battle pass will cost around 10 USD, while the accelerated version costs 25 USD.

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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Rewards

Diablo 4 battle pass will contain mostly cosmetics. It will not feature anything that will add a pay-to-win mechanic to the game. As of right now, we know the players will be getting two separate seasonal cosmetic armor sets for their characters. On top of that, players will also get a seasonal horse and mount armor from the battle pass.

Even though we are not sure which rewards are on the free track and which are on the premium one, all the players will get smoldering butterflies from the battle pass. Players can use these butterflies to get xp boost from the shop. So that will be a good way to level up a character faster.

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