CoD Warzone Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla Operator Bundle: Price, Release Date, and More

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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The titans are joining Call of Duty: Warzone with the “Godzilla x Kong” crossover titled Operation Monarch. Here’s everything we know about their operator bundles.

According to a teaser posted from the official Call of Duty Twitter account, Nazis have deployed Nebula bombs worldwide, including Caldera Island. Team Harpy can be seen running around a field, fighting them to intercept the bomb. After they kill the Nazis, an ORCA intercept reveals a monster’s scream echoing on the frequency, which the Nebula Bomb has awakened.

The official trailer begins with a shot of the ORCA radio machine and a plane taking off above it. Kong appears in the frame and captures the aircraft as it continues to ascend and immediately crashes it into the ground.

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After destroying the plane, Kong lets out a battle cry, and Godzilla emerges from the water. They both rush towards each other, ready to fight. The trailer is heavily influenced by the blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong” film (2021).

Soon after the trailer was posted, Call of Duty’s official Twitter account posted an official roadmap for Call of Duty: Season 3 Classified Arms, which teased three new tracer pack operator bundles, namely Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla.

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

The Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle celebrates a Titan with nearly 90 years of history with nine items, including a Legendary “Kong” Operator Skin for Wade inspired by the ruler of Skull Island.

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Bundle Contents

  • “Kong” Legendary Operator Skin
  • “Temple of Kong” Sniper Rifle weapon blueprint
  • “Skull Island Shaker” SMG weapon blueprint
  • “Kong’s Scepter” Melee weapon blueprint
  • “Gravity Inversion” Finishing Move
  • “Primal Power” Spray
  • “Jia’s Doll” Weapon Charm
  • “Kong Roar” Animated Emblem
  • “Watch Your Back” Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

Prepare to intimidate opponents with the Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle, a nine-item pack based on the beloved reptile. In addition to the Legendary “Godzilla Ghillie” Operator Skin for Shigenori, fans of Godzilla can be like their favorite Titan with the Ultra “Breath of Godzilla” Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint.

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Bundle Contents

  • “Godzilla Ghillie” Legendary Operator skin
  • “Breath of Godzilla” Assault Rifle Weapon blueprint
  • “Awakened Alpha” Legendary LMG blueprint
  • “Gojira Stomp” Finishing Move
  • “Protector of Earth” Calling Card
  • Two Sprays
  • “Godzilla Heat Ray” Animated Emblem
  • “Big Mistake” MVP Highlight (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

“The Titans are not alone. In a time of monsters, humanity built its own design to make them the ultimate dominant species. A precision-engineered Apex Predator: Mechagodzilla, don its armor and become the apex hunter. With this Bundle, players will get the Legendary “Mechagodzilla” Operator Skin for Constanze, and nine other items, with two — the “Machine Learning” MVP Highlight and the “Rival Protocol” Highlight Intro — being Vanguard exclusive.”

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Bundle Contents

  • “Mechagodzilla” Legendary Operator skin
  • “Machine Learning” MVP Highlight x2 (Vanguard exclusive)
  • “Rival Protocol” Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)
  • “Cybernetic Destroyer” Assault Rifle weapon blueprint
  • Legendary “Neural Uplink” SMG weapon blueprint
  • “Nanometal Tail Blade” Melee weapon blueprint
  • “Network Uptime” Watch
  • “Mechagodzilla Head” Charm
  • “Evolving Together” Emblem

Titan Bundle Prices and Rewards


There is no official announcement regarding the bundle’s pricing; however, if it is a legendary pack, it will be priced at around 2,400 COD Points which is $19.99/£16.79.

Players who purchase two bundles before June 16 will receive a Godzilla vs. Kong Weapon Sticker and a Player Title. In addition, if they buy all three, they’ll receive a Legendary Apex Phase Rifle SMG blueprint.

We’ll keep an eye on when more information regarding this pack becomes available.

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