Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms: New Weapons, Bundles, Operators, Field Upgrade, Maps, and More

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 is almost here. Official details regarding the roadmap of the season have been released. Here’s an in-depth look at everything related to Season 3.

Raven Software will be releasing the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms update soon. With the update, players will be getting several map changes, new points of interest, two new weapons, a brand new gulag, Mastercraft bundles, and more.

Players will be getting a new LTE – Operation Monarch, New Gulag, Caldera Iron Trials, new Maps, two new Weapons, new Operators, new Gameplay, new Field Upgrade: Trophy System, New Ranked Play Rewards, and more. The update will be set in motion following the season 3 roadmap.

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Operation Monarch

According to the appearances, Operation Monarch will be a limited-time event. There hasn’t been any official gameplay of the game mode released yet. However, based on previous experiences with various limited-time game modes, the game mode will feature a large-scale rendition of the two monsters in the pre-existing battle royale map.

It’s unclear whether players will have to fight the monsters. However, Call of Duty’s official Twitter account previously leaked a vault of specially enhanced weapons that would be available to Warzone players. Putting the pieces together, players might have to cooperate with those special weapons to defeat these monsters.

The game mode is set to be released after the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms (Update 1.57) on 27 April 2022, and the official release date of Operation Monarch is 11 May 2022.

Operation Monarch Operator/Tracer Packs

With the release of Operation Monarch, three new tracer packs will be added to the game. The limited-time skins are modeled after the three titans, namely Kong, Godzilla Reactive, and Mechagodzilla. No official gameplay or image has been revealed yet.

Image via ModernWarzone

New Gulag

With the release of Season 3, Gulag will be reworked. The new Gulag has been titled “Hold.” No official images of the new Gulag have been released yet.

Image via Activision


A new POI will be added to Caldera. The POI has been titled “Dig Site.” The point of interest has been rumored to be an archeological expedition site, with its main feature being a colossal fossil. The new POI will be a busy drop spot for the remainder of the next season.

Image via Activision

New Gameplay

A few perks have been reworked, according to rumors. A new BR game mode will be added, similar to the Rebirth Iron Trials. The new game mode is titled “Caldera Iron Trials’. And as always, quality of life changes will be made with the season 3 update.

New Weapons

Two new weapons and a melee is being added to the game with the release of season 3. The two new weapons are a Marksman rifle and an Assault Rifle, and a brand new hammer-like melee weapon.

M1916 Marksman Rifle (At Launch)

More details will be added with the release of Season 3.

Image via Activision

Nikita Assault Rifle (At Launch)

More details will be added with the release of Season 3.

Image via Activision

Junkyard Jet Melee Weapon (Mid-Season)

More details will be added with the release of Season 3.

Image via Activision

New Mastercraft Bundles

Three new Mastercraft bundles will be added to the game. The brand new Mastercraft bundles are Tread Lightly Mastercraft, High Voltage Reactive Mastercraft, and Hell Hounds Mastercraft.

New Operator

Three new Operators will be added to the game. The brand new Operators are Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter and Kim Tae Young. Their nationalities and operator progression are yet to be revealed.

Vanguard Multiplayer

New Maps

Two new maps will be added to the game called Mayhem and Sphere. Both maps are rumored to be medium-sized maps. No other details or gameplay has been revealed yet. The Mayhem map is rumored to be modeled after Japanese diorama sets made for Godzilla, Ultraman and other old-school monster movies.

Mayhem (Image via Activision)

New Field Upgrade

A long-requested field upgrade will finally be added to the game. The field upgrade is a trophy system. The trophy system is an integral part of the ranked play and CDL game modes. It is very important to hold areas and to avoid throwable equipment spam.

Image via Activision

New Ranked Play Rewards

Ranked players will be receiving rewards for reaching certain ranks and positions. The rewards are two weapon blueprints for the weapons MP40 and Automaton.

Image via Activision

Warzone Season 3 Release Date With Timezones:

The season 3 patch will be available for players starting April 27 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET/4 pm UK.

More information will be revealed very soon by Raven Software and Activision. Follow our Call of Duty Twitter Page to get everything related to the update as soon as it rolls out.

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