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Discover all biomes in LEGO Fortnite!

LEGO Fortnite takes place in a gigantic open-world setting that is far larger than the original Fortnite map’s area. Players must explore across the vast land to acquire materials, make items, and progress. The creators did an excellent job with the map’s intricacies, including the weather and temperature of various places.

The map of LEGO Fortnite consists of numerous biomes, each with its own set of characteristics and temperature. While some are hot and humid, others may cause players to freeze to death if they lack preparation. Exploring these biomes is essential for all players since they provide biome-exclusive minerals that they might need at certain stages throughout the game.

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All Biomes in LEGO Fortnite


grasslands lego fortnite

The Grasslands biome, which comprises most of the landscape, is where players will spawn. This area is largely covered with grass and comprises flat ground. The weather is normal, and the players in this biome face no weather hazards. Because of its availability of resources such as wood, knotroot, and marbles, the Grasslands are ideal for establishing your village in the early stages of the game. You will locate practically all of the resources you need to advance early in the game and enough food to keep you going.

Dry Valley

dry valley lego fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, the Dry Valley biome represents the arid or dry terrain. The temperatures and weather conditions will be exceedingly hot and humid, as one would anticipate from a desert environment. As a result, before venturing into this biome, make sure you have adequate heat resistance to keep you safe from weather risks. Sand, cactuses, and other species dominate the Dry Valley biome. However, the Dry Valley is home to some of the most significant and uncommon materials in LEGO Fortnite, such as Flexwood and Brightcore, which are necessary to create Metal Smelters.


frostlands lego fortnite
Credits: Epic Games

Not only does LEGO Fortnite include a desert biome, but it also contains a winter biome named Frostlands. You will find snowy terrain and mountains all around. Aside from the frigid temperatures, this biome might be one of the most pleasurable, owing to the picturesque splendor seen in this area of the world. Make sure you have enough cold resistance before venturing into this area, and bring foods like Spicy Peppers that can raise your body temperature. The Frostlands is home to highly rare materials such as the Snow Berry, Rough Sapphire, and Malachite, all of which are required to continue through the game.


caves lego fortnite

There’s also a cave biome in LEGO Fortnite, which is a must for all the players to visit since this biome has some of the most necessary and rare minerals and resources that are needed for the players. There are several underground caves, some longer than the others. These caves are rich with minerals and resources like Brightcore, Copper, Obsidian, Rough Ruby, Rough Sapphire, and many others. However, you can only claim such great rewards after you manage to get past some great dangers lurking around the dark corners of these caves. The cave biome is the home of some of the most notorious monsters, like Bone Wolves, Spiders, Scorpions, Skeleton Blasters, and others.


shores lego fortnite

As the name suggests, the Shores biome consists of the areas on the bank of rivers and oceans in LEGO Fortnite. This biome is one of the most beautiful places to build your base due to its natural beauty. You will get some cool-looking trees and a beach view from your home. If you plan to fish in the sea, you can build a boat and wander into the deep sea. However, the Shores don’t have many notable resources in the biome. Brute scales, one material that you will need to upgrade your crafting bench, are available in plenty in the shore biome.

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