Riot Changes Jungle on LoL Patch 13.14

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Patch 13.14 is bringing some jungle changes for Ranked Split 2.

Jungle has been a point of contention in League of Legends for a long time. In Preseason 2023, Riot put a lot of emphasis on balancing that in the first few patches of the year. After that, once Riot felt they had a handle on the situation, the jungle role did not receive many changes.

For the most part, it has been jungle champions receiving nerfs or buffs. Patch 13.13 made sure that most of the game was balanced, although there are still some issues that Riot needs to address.

Thus, Riot is changing the jungle once more in Patch 13.14. Revealed early as the PBE patch came earlier, it seems Riot has looked at certain jungle systems that need some tuning.

The last jungle change we got was the Buff Sharing aspect being added, which massively improved the experience of jungle players. So, let’s talk about the jungle changes and what to expect in Patch 13.14.

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Jungle Changes Patch 13.14

Patch 13.14 will get a few jungle changes, and there are different types of changes with some buffs and nerfs. So let’s talk about all of that, starting with the buffs.

Jungle Buffs

Here are the buffs coming to the jungle in Patch 13.14.

  • Gold Per Treat: 20 >>> 25.
  • Blue Sentinel Buff Ability Haste: 10 >>> 5 – 20 (increased based on level).

The Blue Buff Ability Haste change is a buff overall as it evens out to its previous value at level 6. After that, it increases by 1 per level, which is more than what junglers have had. Gold per Treat was nerfed a long time back, and it has been increased slightly as jungle gold from farming is not a lot. Overall, this should help jungler opt for more of a farming style.

Jungle Nerfs

Thus, moving on to nerfs, here they all are.

  • Red Brambleback Buff Damage: 10 – 78 >>> 10 – 75.
  • Red Brambleback Melee Buff Slow: 10 – 20% (level 1 – 11) >>> 5 – 20% (level 1 – 16).
  • Red Brambleback Ranged Buff Slow: 5/7.5/10% (level 1/6/11) >>> 5 – 10% (level 1-11, linear scaling).

Overall, the Red Buff is taking a hit as the slow for Melee champions is reducing quite a bit early to mid-game. Also, the Ranged slow effect is taking an overall nerf in terms of scaling. Interesting changes.

In totality, it seems Riot is trying to tweak and jungle and find a good middle ground for farming and ganking junglers. We will have to see how these changes pan out in Patch 13.14.

By Shadman Sabik Zaim Deputy Editor
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