Challenges & Eternals Systems to Get Massive Updates in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Challenges and Eternals are reportedly being worked on behind the scenes at Riot for League of Legends.

Riot has tried to reward players for being active in League of Legends but has not met up to the mark. Many of their systems have good ideas behind them, but it does not really reward individual players. The Mastery System is nice, but just about anyone can get Mastery 7 by playing enough games on a champion.

Eternals has added quite a while ago, allowing players to earn champion-specific achievements. Challenges were introduced later to add more personalized rewards. However, while those are nice, they do not reward players enough. Titles and achievements are nice, but there is no real gratification from them. While a system like the Honor system rewards players, others do not.

Hence Riot Pupulasers commented on Reddit about the systems in place. In his words, they want to make it more rewarding for players. So there is optimism on that front. However, Riot has not specified any changes coming. So let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Challenges and Eternals Updates

As said by Riot Pupulasers, the dev team is looking into making the player experience better. Currently, the Eternals system gives you achievements based on the three categories that have. Challenges are designed to reward players based on things like turret kills, collecting skins, etc.

So Riot Pupulasers threw out a few ideas that could be an update to the game. Challenges could be more geared towards events or objective-driven methodology, so players can aim for that. That would be a nice addition if Challenges were restructured to be in such a way that players would aim to earn them and get some rewards.

Eternals seems to be targeted in the same vein for the devs, as this one could be more champion-related achievements. Regardless of whichever process Riot goes towards, the incentive has to be there for players to do it. Some form of special emote or icon, or border could do a lot in terms of getting players to focus on them. Maybe that is something to ponder about.

Thus, Riot is working on updating the Challenges and Eternals systems in such a way that it improves the player experience. However, not much is known other than ideas being thrown out right now. So, we need to wait a while for Riot to narrow down to an update and let us all know what new changes are coming. For now, we can only hope Riot does as soon as they can.

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