Can You Change the Difficulty in Lies of P (LOP)?

Adib Pritom
By Adib Pritom
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Can you change the difficulty in Lies of P? Here’s the answer to your question.

In Lies of P, you have to fight against the world of evil puppets and bosses as you progress through the game’s story. Being a souls-like game, the game’s combat and overall mechanics are destined to be hard. This can be challenging, especially for the new players trying out this genre of game.

Neowiz has bought the famous children’s classic story of Pinnochio with a dark story along with it. The hack-and-slash game features several complex mechanics, including the combat and the difficulty of the enemies in the game. However, can you change the difficulty?

Can You Change the Difficulty?

No, you cannot change the difficulty in Lies of P. Soulslike games are famous for their hard-to-beat bosses and complex combat system. Lies of P is no exception. It has no adjustable difficulty system, as with most other games of this genre.

From the very beginning of the game, you will have to face the same difficulty as enemies. Though most of them are easy to beat, several points in the game can feel impossible. This is what makes this genre so much more enjoyable to hardcore gamers.

There are no difficulty settings in the game or the game’s menu, and there is no command or cheat to make the game easier.

Best Tips to Make Lies of P Easy

Even though you cannot change the game’s difficulty, don’t worry. We have some tips for you that will at least make the game feel much easier for you. While it might sometimes feel impossible, it’s not that hard, and nothing is unbeatable in the game. You have to learn the right ways and tactics to deal with these obstacles.

Collect Ergos to Get Stronger Items

Ergo is the main form of currency in Lies of P. These can be crucial to leveling up your main characters and weapons in the game. Most of the enemies will drop some ergo after they have been defeated. You can also revisit previously defeated enemies to farm more ergos. These ergos can then level up your character or weapon at Hotel Krat.

You can also trade these ergos to get stronger weapons from the traders. Killing the bosses in the game will earn you a Rare Ergo, which can be used to buy boss weapons. These are stronger weapons that can give you an advantage over your enemies and make your combat easier.

Make the Right Strategy

There are no unbeatable enemies in Lies of P. Every enemy has a weakness you must discover and take advantage of. Some enemies can be weak to a specific type of weapon. In such cases, defeating them with that particular type of weapon would be much easier. Keep your eyes open, and always look out for your surroundings. Be prepared to encounter enemies at every hidden corner, especially those offering loot.

Block, Parry, and Charge

Block, Parry, and Charge are the most common combat mechanics in the soulslike genre. Learning these moves can improve your combat significantly and make defeating enemies much easier. Learn the perfect time to block or parry an enemy attack, and look for the ideal opportunity to strike an enemy. Once you master this mechanic, there will be no force that can take you down quickly.

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