Callisto Protocol: Energy Converter Explained

Callisto Protocol has many items that you can find in the game, like the Energy converter. Here is everything you need to know about these items.

Callisto Protocol is the spiritual successor of the Dead Space franchise. The co-creator of the Dead Space franchise was involved with developing this title, and the dev team doesn’t shy away from showing fans where they found their inspiration.

Callisto Protocol has you trapped in a Jail situated on one of the moons of Jupiter. Here you get to fight different monsters and creatures and try to fight your way out of jail. The combat is pretty good as it features different types of weapons as well as a melee weapon.

Along with useful new weapons and stuff, you also get other items by looting the environment and dead bodies. Energy Converter is one of the items you will come across as you play through the game. Here is what to do with them.

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Energy Converter Explained in Callisto Protocol

Energy Converter is an item you can find around the environment or while looting dead bodies in Callisto Protocol. Since you are stuck in an alien jail, the item energy converter may sound very valuable. But it is actually an item for you to sell.

You can find two different types of Energy converters throughout the game. One is called simply an “energy converter” and the other one is a “pristine energy converter”. Both of them have a similar purpose. But that doesn’t mean they are useless by any means.

You can sell these energy converters to get Callisto credits which are used to upgrade everything in the game. And these credits are hard to come by. The normal ones are worth 100 credits, while the pristine ones are 200 credits. So you can collect and sell them to get enough credits to upgrade your useful weapons in the game.

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