Call of Duty Warzone New Push Dagger Melee: How it Works, Release Date, & More

A new Melee called Push Dagger will be added to the Call of Duty multiplayer mode with the season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune July 14 update.

Raven Software has been dominating with its content drop scattered across multiple live service titles such as Vanguard and Warzone. With each new update, the devs try to spice things up by releasing new maps, weapons, balance changes, and more to keep the player base engaged.

The Call of Duty community is always excited about the prospect of new weapon releases. And it turns out the dev team is working hard to release new weapons in future updates. According to the official CoD blog, a new Push Dagger melee will arrive on both Warzone and Vanguard with the Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune July 14 update.

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Push Dagger is fast and vicious, has a best-in-class damage output, and excels in close-range engagements. The melee will be available for players in Warzone and Vanguard’s multiplayer. It will be interesting to see how melee players use the weapon.

Push Dagger Melee

The Push Dagger is a T-shaped blade similar to brass knuckles. It is a fist-wielded weapon that has excellent mobility and damage stats. This weapon is based on the 16th-century Indian Katar and was a popular melee weapon during World War I and II.

Push Dagger
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How to unlock the Push Dagger Melee

The weapon will be available for players after they complete a melee-based challenge. Here’s the challenge players must complete to unlock the weapon in Warzone and Vanguard:

In Warzone

Get 5 Melee Kills with a Primary weapon in a single match 15 times.

In Vanguard (Multiplayer)

Get 5 Melee Kills with a Primary weapon in a single match 15 times.

In Zombies

Get 100 kills with a Melee weapon while shrouded by your Aether Shroud.

Players can also opt for the “Heartstrike” bundle in the store to unlock the melee instantly. The bundle costs 1600 CoD points. While it is an expensive option, it unlocks the weapon faster.

Push Dagger Melee Release Date

According to Raven Software, the Push dagger will arrive in both Warzone and Vanguard before the Season 4 reloaded update. The official release date was revealed on June 14.

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