Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Suggest The Game Might get a Ranked Play Mode

Like Vanguard, MW2 may get a Ranked Play mode in the future. Here’s everything we know about MW2’s newest game mode.

Modern Warfare 2 is the newest CoD title and a direct sequel to MW (2019). Players will get a new campaign and a multiplayer mode with the game’s release. Although all titles released before MW had multiplayer modes, they failed to engage the community due to the lack of innovation.

On the contrary, Infinity Ward managed to capture the essence of the CoD experience with the MW. They introduced new mechanics and items in-game that increased the quality of life in multiplayer game mode.

Similarly, MW2 is set to receive a dedicated Ranked Play. According to TheGhostofHope, the game mode will be similar to Vanguard and will be supervised by Treyarch. Here’s everything we know about the highly anticipated game mode.

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Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play

Infinity Ward has a reputation for not including Ranked Play in their games. They had included a CDL playlist in the 2019 MW similar to the ranked mode. However, it had no ELO system or rank divisions. Due to this, players were worried about not having Ranked Play for the whole two-year cycle of MWII.

According to TheGhostofHope, “Ranked Play will be coming to Modern Warfare II shortly after launch with Treyarch leading development on the mode.” This is good news for most players as the prospect of a dedicated ranked game mode keeps the game fresh for its life cycle.

Coupled with TheGhostofHope’s leak, RealityUK, another data miner, confirmed the claims as it coincided with the WZ mobile game files. He had previously leaked the multiplayer maps that are coming to MW2.

Treyarch has an excellent reputation for the BO2’s Ranked Play. It revolutionalized competitive CoD, paving the way for CDL’s popularity. Moreover, they went on to develop Vanguard’s Ranked Play with dedicated rank divisions and an ELO system. It is currently the most popular game mode, with maximum players opting for it rather than matchmaking for pubs.

MW2’s Ranked Play will be an essential part of the multiplayer experience. Further details might surface with the game’s official multiplayer reveal. Stay frosty and prepare for a new competitive experience.

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