Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Files Uncovered Upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps

Recent Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile leaks revealed vital information about MWII multiplayer maps. Here’s everything we know about the unreleased maps.

Warzone mobile is currently in a beta-testing phase, with users getting their hands on the game through different builds. Project Aurora or WZ Mobile has been a long-anticipated title for many players.

It was linked with Project Cortez or MWII since it was first leaked, as a result, beta testers have been able to dig through the game files and get their hands on vital insights on the MWII. The leaker, aka RealityUK, has been able to provide the community with a glimpse of the loading screens of the map along with a hint of Treyarch’s 2024 CoD project.

Recently, Activision has become strict on the release of leaked pictures from the game files and issuing DMCA strikes. However, it didn’t stop the leakers from uncovering the unreleased MWII loading screens. Here are details of the unreleased multiplayer and Ground war maps coming to MWII.

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Core MP Maps

Core maps are traditional 6v6 maps focusing on a tighter combat area. Three maps that were mentioned during the playtest are:

Grand Prix

A race track in Asia with a race taking place in the background.

Farm 18

This highly anticipated training ground map will introduce a revamped version of the hit map “Shoot House.”

Museum & SABA

The Museum is set in Spain and is based on the Getty Museum.

SABA is A map set in the Middle East, no further details have been revealed.

Ground War Maps


The first ground map is heavily inspired by Azhir Cave (MW). It has a vast water body that runs through the whole map.


The Broadcast POI from Verdansk heavily inspires the map.


The map highlights the highly anticipated swimming and underwater mechanics.

Infinity Ward is yet to officially reveal the multiplayer game mode worldwide. As a result, Activision has formally released a statement about the DMCA strikes on any entity holding these leaked images online. So, the number of leaks may start to decrease as the days go by.

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