Sniper Meta Absence Leaves Players Discontent in Call of Duty: Warzone

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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The Sniper meta is non-existent in Warzone since the sniper nerfs, leaving players discontent with the current meta.

Warzone is Activision’s revamped take on the battle royale genre. It is the spiritual successor of Blackout in the newly developed Modern Warfare engine and garnered a positive reaction from the community for its inventive mechanics and balanced meta.

However, sniper rifles were rampant following the integration of BOCW. Marksman rifles such as Kar98k and Swiss K31 dominated the sniper meta with their one-shot potential from any range. Unfortunately, the sniper meta was put to sleep with the start of Season 3, Classified Arms.

Initially, the sniper meta shift made the community happy, but it soon faded away as no sniper rifles were influential in the game making long-range gunfights insufferable. Most players of the community are demanding that Raven should revert the sniper rifle nerf in the next update by somewhat balancing the guns.

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Current Condition of the Sniper Rifle Meta

In a Reddit post by u/villabrus, the user displays how weak the snipers have become. The sniper rifles have lost their one-shot potential, making them not as rewarding as they were. Furthermore, snipers have become a liability, as most opponents escape with their broken shields.

Another user’s comment pointed out how weak the headshot damage multiplier of snipers is compared to A.R.s or L.M.G.s.

Most players are not satisfied with the recoilless A.R. and S.M.G. meta. It took away the true essence of Warzone. Moreover, the absence of sniper meta has managed to take away the fun making every match a sweat fest for casual players.

The new Fortune’s Keep map has a sniper-friendly design; however, the weak sniper meta is holding it back from reaching its true potential.

On the contrary, many players seem happy with the absence of a sniper meta.

Sniper Rifle Buff in Season 5

There is no mention of a sniper rifle buff in the upcoming season. However, considering the community’s reaction, Raven Software might consider making the snipers better than their current condition.

With Modern Warfare II’s confirmed release this October, the Warzone meta might shift for one final time. The community hopes that Infinity Ward improves the condition of Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2.

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