Call of Duty Warzone: New Instant Death Bug is Cancelling Gulag Wins

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Season 3 Classified Arms has brought many problems into Warzone, and the most recent issue is a bug canceling Gulag wins. Unfortunately, many players have been reporting Gulag-related bugs since the last update. Here’s everything we know about the brand new bug affecting players in-game.

After Call of Duty: Blackout, Infinity Ward introduced Warzone to the world. It has similar characteristics to other battle royale games where players drop into a map and the last one or the last team standing wins. The only thing that separates Warzone from other games is Gulag.

The Gulag is inspired by the infamous Soviet prison, players are sent to the Gulag for a 1v1 gunfight with other players, and the winning player gets back into action. With the Season 3 Classified Arms update, a new Gulag titled ‘Hold’ has been integrated into the game, replacing the previous one from Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone integration.

For quite a while, several Warzone players discovered that after completing their Gulag and returning to battle, they were driven into out-of-bounds spaces of the map and unable to retreat, with only a few seconds to find their way back into the map area.

Hold (Credit: Raven Software)

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Gunfights in Gulag are hard as skilled players always have the upper hand in gunfights. Moreover, Gulag boasts a tight space with minimal lighting making the gunfight even more stress-inducing. For that reason, winning in Gulag is always a joy for players as they can get back into action. However, after the Season 3 Classified Arms update, an unfortunate bug is making them disconnect from the game directly rather than letting them back into action.

Instant Death Bug in Gulag

A clip surfaced on Reddit titled “New Instant Death Bug After Gulag Win?!” showing the player winning his gunfight then getting instantly disconnected instead of getting back into the game. The user commented on the video, further stating, “As you can see, I instantly died after winning my gulag and spawning in Caldera – is this the updated version of the “spawn outside of map”-bug???”

Even though u/I_AM_THE_SEB seems to remain unfazed by the incident, it still is quite frustrating to not be able to get back into the game due to a bug. Players of the CoD community are very discontent with the new Gulag and Warzone’s current state.

Bugs and glitches like these add to the annoyance, and with the current condition of Warzone, it will soon become a problem for Raven Software if they are not careful with their in-game issues affecting players. With the Season 3 Reloaded update fast approaching, Raven will be looking to get a patch out for this whenever that update drops.

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