Call of Duty is Revolutionizing Fluid Movement With the Introduction of ‘Omnimovement’ in Black Ops 6

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Treyarch

Treyarch is introducing Omnimovement, a new movement mechanic in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 that allows players to sprint, slide, and dive at a complete 360-degree angle range.

As Call of Duty is not a hero-shooter game like VALORANT, Apex Legends, or Overwatch, the developers cannot just incorporate heroes who can perform unrealistic movements. However, Treyarch has now developed a movement technique that is not overpowered and can be used in Call of Duty games without disrupting the gameplay. Treyarch refers to the movement tech as “Omnimovement.”

Before we get started, let us get a clear idea of what Omnimovement actually is. It is a brand new movement technique that Treyarch has innovated, allowing players to move in any direction at 360-degree angles without losing any speed. The movement includes sprinting, sliding, and diving.

For the first time ever, players can sprint, slide, and dive in any direction (forward, sidestepping, and backpedaling) and move like a true Black Ops action hero. This innovation immediately allows the player to move like never before and seamlessly chain combat maneuvers together, like sliding, diving and a newly enhanced supine prone, all with a full 360 degrees range of motion.


In previous Call of Duty titles, it wasn’t possible to sprint, slide, or dive in any other direction than forward. To make sprint, slide, or dive possible on left, right, or backward, the players needed to face in that direction and take those actions, which made the movement slow and sluggish. Although players discovered many movement techniques to overcome the sluggishness, they were either not practical or, in some cases, unachievable for the casual player base.

With the Omnimovement tech, every player will be able to enjoy fluid movement, further opening up many possibilities for “seamlessly chain combat maneuvers.” However, it is also possible that the community will not like the new tech when the game is released. Nonetheless, it will be exciting to see how it turns out.

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